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Happy November! It is the second to last month already and then it will be Christmas and the end of the year. I’m surprised I’ve done 10 months of monthly favorites already and kept my promise that I would do the whole year. There was not as many favorites again this month but with the amount of makeup I’ve been collecting lately I’ve been testing and trying out new things and finding a favorite that I really liked was difficult to narrow done so I stuck to a few that I know I will rave about ad used quite a lot. I mention a lot of lifestyle favorites as well but that is in the video version so you can watch it here on my Youtube channel or down below if you prefer. Also you can just read on and see all the things, beauty, fashion and lifestyle favorites from the month of October!


Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse

It’s been a while since I featured a hair product in my favorites. I don’t frequently change out my hair products like I use to which I was all about hair things but now I just use whatever I have and if I use it up I just buy anything that I come across in the store. Ever since I bought it and used it to do my hair up fancy I’ve been using it since. I like how it leaves my hair and doesn’t go all crunchy. It is a fairly good size so I will get pretty good use out of it. I missed using mousse in my hair and it always worked great so it is nice getting to style with one again.

Careline Eyeliner

This eyeliner is the best thing I’ve used in a while. I love the tip of this and it is so easy to line my eyes since it has a sort of oval and curved tip to draw with. I think the packaging is so cute and reminds me of Minnie Mouse. It isn’t red it is just the outside which confused me when I bought it but it was black and they have a few colors on the outside. Even though I loved the formula and the eyeliner the smell does get to me and it is pretty strong and chemically so you have to get used to it when you open it up but it doesn’t transfer so once it is on you don’t smell it anymore so that’s good. So only one fault but I am still trying to use it as it is a good eyeliner and draws on amazing cat eye liner.

EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess

Next up I have a blush duo that I’ve been loving. I wasn’t to impressed and thought it wasn’t the best but it was just my technique and now that I got it to blend the bronzer is doing great. I adore the blush and it is so pretty and sparkly and can work as a highlight as well to make it even more glowy which is so pretty. The packaging is kind of hard to open that is why I accidentally put a dent in it. I did do a review on it recently so you can read that here for my full thoughts.

Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick in Nash D6 & Katherine D13

The last makeup favorite is a matte liquid lipstick. I’ve been collecting quite a lot of liquid lipsticks as I love the formula so since I do have a few I try to use a brand for a while and the one I tried this time is the Matte in Detail ones and I am quite impressed. They are pretty affordable and have quite a good range of colors. I loved these two I got which is a nice pretty pink everyday shade or a vampy bold one for the season and this has been my go to Autumn lip. I’m going to be doing a review on these soon so I’ll give more info then but so far love these and their amazing quality. 


Zaful Structured Satchel // Bag

This has been my bag choice of the month and it is the perfect autumn an winter bag that I can use till the end of the year or more. It’ is perfect and the right size and quality as well. It has gold hardware and it matches well with many outfits. The pom-pom key chain is separate and I got it at H&M so I can switch it out to match the color I am wearing since I have this one and one more. It just adds a fun girly touch to the bag and another trend I tried.


Shoutout to My Ex – Little Mix // Music

The song that has been played far too many times since it came out is the latest by Little Mix. This is just such a fun song and since I’ve played it over and over I now know al the words and sing and dance to it way too loudly in my house and in the car. If you haven’t noticed already I love Little Mix and got into them from their last album and since then I’ve listened to all their songs and have become a huge fan. I know it technically came out half way through the month but I am loving it so much and it has such a fun vibe to it. I don’t have an ex but every time I hear it I feel like I am so empowered to get over a fake one. Even though it still is a good song and I can’t wait until the album comes out this month.

Scream Queens // TV Show

The TV show favorite of the month goes to Scram Queens which is kind of in theme since October was Halloween month. I started it since it was on TV but went back again and watched the first season as last year I missed a few and was on and off with it but once I got into it I am loving it and enjoy the twisted story of it and it is so different. I love the story line and of course the fashion and the styling is just so fun and who doesn’t want to be Chanel. I did have more lifestyle favorites I mention in the video so watch that to see more like movies and books I was loving.

That was my October favorite things. I thought I had quite variety and hope you enjoyed me ramble on about what I was loving from the month. I had mentioned a lot more and did a chatty sit down video so you can sit and just listen and discover more of the favorites I brought up on there. So I think that is it and another favorites post to cross off and I have two more left and that is it for all twelve and then I’m thinking doing a round up favorites of everything I loved through the whole year so stay tuned for that. Let me know what you were loving and if there are any bands you’ve got into or any new lifestyle bits you think I would like. I hope you enjoyed and until next monthly favorites post!

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What was your spooky favorite thing you watched last month?

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  1. Shooting Stars Mag
    November 3, 2016 / 1:56 am

    Fun post! I love seeing what other bloggers are enjoying. I need to listen to more of Little Mix. I believe I've heard one or two songs and I did enjoy them! Have you ever tried Fifth Harmony? I really love them too! -Lauren

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