My November To Do List

New Plans in Novemeber

Happy Tuesday! Also happy first day of November. It’s obviously a new month and I thought this would be a fun way to start off. However this isn’t what this post is about since it is about what I have planned for this month and what I want to achieve. I started this a few months ago and I quite enjoyed it and find it so helpful for me. I feel like I seem not to finish 2 things on my list again which is such a weird coincidence every time so maybe one of these months I can check off all the ones. You never know maybe this one is the time I do. So enough about that I’ll just show you this month’s to do list and then a little recap from last month as well.

Things To Do This Month:

Finish Nanowrimo

Buy new blog props

Swatch & categorize all my liquid lipsticks

Clean out my room

Watch Gilmore Girls – New & Old Episodes

Start figuring out family Christmas presents

Plan Blogmas

I’m going pretty simple as I couldn’t think of a lot to do. The big one is finish Nano as this is my third year doing and finishing it which is so fun and rewarding in the end. Next big thing is staring plans on what I’ll be posting for next month and I will be doing Blogmas again so I need to map out my content. I’m extremely excited for Gilmore Girls coming out this month and then I plan on watching all the old episodes since I have my Netflix back up. I already bought one Christmas present but need to sort out the rest so that’s on the list. I need to clean my room and then buy same new props for blog photos and have a browse at H&M Home and get a few things to switch things up.

Things From Last Month:

Book a summer holiday!

Film a lookbook.

Spend time with family.

Organize all my new makeup.

Take photos in the “to picture pile” piling up in my room.

Practice and experiment autumn eye looks.

Save some time for The Sims 4.

Do one thing adventurous.

Sit and write.

Find the perfect Halloween costume for this year!

Again, pretty good for my to do list but I didn’t finish tw. I booked a summer holiday which I thought I wouldn’t but I did and I am all ready to fly and have a beach holiday. I’ll have more on that when it gets closer and you will hear so much about it. I filmed my lookbook, spent time at a few family’s houses and did a blog photo session over the weekend. I had fun trying new makeup, played a few hours of sims and the adventurous thing I did was go on a hanging bridge and vlogged it. I found a Halloween costume and it will be out soon!

That was all of my goals I hope to cross off in November. I have so much planned and excited for the new month because I had such a great October and managed to vlog more and post 2 videos for the whole month. I didn’t expect that and didn’t plan it but maybe I can keep up with it this month too. I’m not promising but I am going to try again but not going to commit so I don’t feel as bad. Let me know what you month is looking like and one thing you were proud to achieve last month. I’d love to know and hope you have a great month ahead!

What is something that surprised you last month?

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  1. Writing Monique
    November 2, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    Ah! I really need to start on my christmas presents too! šŸ™‚ Love your list, good luck with nanowrimo!WritingMonique

  2. Tanya
    November 4, 2016 / 3:25 pm

    This is a super great blog idea to achieve your goals. It helps to keep you on track. How did you think of this idea? You really inspire me to do this on my blog. I am happy that you are achieving your monthly goals. I find your blog very interesting. It is different. After posting this comment, I will have a little browse on our blog!

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