Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks in D6 Nash & D13 Katherine | Review & Swatches

Nash & Katherine

Happy Monday! I’m back and I decided this week is going to be dedicated to matte liquid lipsticks. I was meant to do this last week but I took it off for personal reason but it was nice having a break after blogging regular since July. I am looking at content with fresh eyes and to rethink my ideas especially since I am planning Blogmas and I was becoming overwhelmed by all the ideas I was trying to get out. Now that I am settled I hope to jump back in and why not do so with a lipstick review. If you couldn’t tell I have been obsessed with trying different matte liquid lipsticks like pretty much everyone else as well. I got sucked in with the hype and started with NYX and then just tried any brands I got in contact with like Pink Sugar, Sleek and even Colourpop. Don’t worry reviews of those will soon come but I decided to start the reviews by budget and this is one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks I’ve picked up. So enough with my long babbling spill I will just give my thoughts on the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks.

Description (from website): A budget-friendly matte liquid lipstick. Rich, creamy, long-wearing color; waterproof, kiss-proof, and transfer-proof; offers a wide shade selection for every mood or personality. An intense, shine-free statement lip.

Where to buy: BeautyMNL. This product cost 225.00php but sometimes they have promos so watch out for that.


I really like the packaging of this. It comes in a box and it has all the right information on the box itself. It has a diagram of it, the color which if it is a darker color it tries to match it on the box but making it harder to see as you can tell from the picture. It has the shade, ingredients and has the number of what it is on a lot of the sides to know what it actually is. As for the lipstick tube itself. It has a clear plastic tube and a doe foot applicator just like many on the market at the moment so it isn’t anything to special. It is rectangular and reminds me of a lot. It has a matte black plastic lid which has the brand on it. The thing I don’t like is if you don’t screw it on it doesn’t go one right and it won’t fit perfectly so the nae always has to be in the center which is quite annoying and if you are a tad OCD it can be frustrating to try a million times to screw it on to get it right. On the bottom of the tube it has the shade which is in tiny black letters and it has the name on the front. Pretty simple packaging.


There was quite a good color selection and it has a good range to choose from. It was hard for me to decided but the colors I picked I was really happy with it. The first color I’m going to talk about is the lighter pink one and it is called D6 Nash. It is a pink I usually go for and my go to color that I tend to draw for when it comes to a lipstick like this. I love the pink nude colors and I expected this to be maybe a little lighter and more a nude but I’m so happy with the color in person than inside the tube. It is a rosy pink and in the middle class of pink. It doesn’t go more nude and it doesn’t g so pink f that makes sense. The second color is a very autumn color and it was intentional to get a bold and vampy lip color. The D13 Katherine is in my description a ox blood red. I was expecting it to be more of a berry and more purple toned but it is more on the red side and has a small hint of purple but not too much. I was sad when I got it because I love the rich berry hue but trying it and wearing it is such a fun color and one I can add to my collection as I have nothing like it making it really unique. Two very different colors but look pretty good side by side. It is definitely great colors to have as starters.


I have to give a huge compliment for the pigmentation of this. I mean it is so amazing I have no words for it. It goes it’s job well and with only one swipe you can cot the lips without going for a doable dip but I do it to get the smoothness I want and to make it even. Both the colors has great color payoff and though one is a lighter color and the other is obviously pretty dark and vampy both have the same exact amount of pigment. I expected that of course one would be more pigmented than the other but not in this case. It has the same opaqueness with a swipe on the arm and lips. It gives of the color right away and that impressed me so much because that is what you would want in a liquid lipstick.

Application & Staying Power

I tested putting this on two ways. The first was applying the doe applicator over my lips in one swipe which it was pigmented to get pretty much the whole lip without double dipping. The second is I did it preciously and drew it on and connected the lines I drew. It didn’t apply thick or anything and can work both ways so whatever you prefer for your application so it just depends on you. I prefer the lighter one the first way as it is a lighter color and doesn’t show the mistakes right away unlike the darker color I liked doing it the second way to get those precise lines and get a clean look everyone is loving at the moment. As for the lasting power this stuff is incredible. I have no problem eating or drinking with this. I think with no touch ups it lasted the whole day up until I got home. I went to an event with it so I was talking, went to dinner with it still on and it lost a little in the middle when the meal was over but other than that it did an amazing job. It stayed on but if I wanted another coat I could have without it caking on my lips. For the price this has amazing lasting power and can get you through the day. 


The first picture is when I first applied the product from the tube. It is the initial wetness of it and you can apply a thin layer or build it up. When it is on my lips I can either do one long swipe and get the color or build it up. The bottom picture is when they dried after a couple minutes. It probably dried in about 2 minutes and then for fully matte texture it takes 3 minutes. Yes I did time this and I sat watching TV with my arm on the armrest with my iPhone timer recording the time for the review. I love the glossiness of it before it dries and then when it fully is set it has amazing colors. The swatches on my hand which ended up being 4 specifically on my wrist and inside my forearm lasted so long without smudging. I took two showers and they were there for literally 2 days until I took makeup remover. After the second day it was feathering around the edges and starting to smudge but it was pretty good and so unbelievable. So I recommend you try it if you aren’t leaving the house for the day and do normal activities and shower to test it. I literally tested it on my arm and my lips for this.

Overall Experience

Overall I love these to lipsticks and for the price it has great value and amazing quality. I
enjoyed using this and though the dryness could be worked on it did have superb pigmentation and I loved the colors I chose plus it stayed on
for so long which is what I wanted. I am so happy
with this that I highly recommend it because it is affordable and the quality is unlike any other. There are so many shades to choose from, affordable and the lasting power is worth it.
Have you tried any of the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it a 4 and a half star because I love everything about this but it is a little drying after a while of wearing it. So I couldn’t give a full 5 star even though I really wanted to the set back was the dryness which I totally understand so I don’t mind. It’s affordable, has great color and color options   as well so one of those might appeal to you like it
did for me and the best of all is lasting power. So it was pretty good I think and would love to buy more.

That’s it for this review of these lovely lipsticks.I really enjoyed these and they even make it in to my favorites last month since I alternated between the two. I wore them in a vlog so if you watch my last one you can see it through the whole day and see it for yourself. If you wondering why I didn’t include lip swatches like I always do is one I honestly forgot to and second to make up for lack of lip swatches two of my outfit posts have me wearing both and I have how I wore it with makeup too see lookout for that. I will link them here once they are up in case you are reading in the future. Next time I’ll have my lip swatches again or maybe you don’t mind so let me know what you prefer: just wrist swatches, just lip swatches or both. I sometimes don’t know whether to include them so I’d love your feedback. Also let me know if you tried this or a matte liquid lipstick brand I haven’t tried yet because I made it a little goal to try as many as I can get my hands on which sounds expensive so don’t know how well I will stick to it but it is fun experimenting them. I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed it also enjoy the start of the week!

What is your budget friendly liquid lipstick you have in your collection?

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  1. Heather Nixon
    November 15, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    Both shades are gorgeous xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Brigette Danielle
    November 17, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    OHHH I love that deep red! Very pretty!

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