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Soft Lace

Happy Wednesday! It’s another post in my liquid lipstick series for the week.I am bringing you another one from the local brand that I have been loving and done a few reviews on. It’s quite a great range and I love that this brand tried the liquid lipstick trend and their own version of it is smart. So enough with the babble here’s the review.

Where to buy: SM Dept. Stores, Watsons, Ever Bilena Counters Nationwide. This product cost 180.00php.


It’s made of plastic.

It has a white cap and the body is transparent to see the color clearly. I’m impressed with how good the packaging is and really like how nice it is for a budget local brand.

The cool thing is inside is it has a faux lipstick bullet inside.

The tip of the wand is a doe-foot applicator like a lot on the market. It is a pretty good size and can apply with just one swipe on my lips.

Color & Pigmentation

I thought the shade Soft Lace would fall in the nude category when I was at the store under the lightning there. Then when I got home I saw it belongs to the pink side.  It is best described as a peachy pink with slight yellow undertone. The color is in between coral pink and deep rose with warm undertones in it on the lips. It is the palest of all the six shades in the range but even though I got the lightest shade from the collection it still has amazing color and isn’t too light so goes well with lots of skin tones. It is also as vibrant as the color that you see on the packaging. The pigmentation is creamy and can be liquidy. If you don’t wanna have all the extra gloss then I suggest blotting it with a tissue and it’ll turn matte. It’s really glossy when you first apply it then for a couple of hours, it’ll dry as semi-matte.

Application & Staying Power

This product applies opaquely on the lips. I was really pleased with it
as you only have to dip the applicator once to cover your upper and
lower lip since it is so creamy in texture. I thought this product would have a matte finish but upon application it has a cream finish. After I tried it I thought it would set matte after a while but even after an hour the finish remains the same unless you blot it with a tissue paper like my tip above. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and is very creamy and moisturizing though.

The staying power can last about 6 hours if I am not eating and drinking and just testing it out at home.

If I went out and then eat something heavy then the creamy texture will fade and a stain will be left of the product which is semi-matte.I love that it leaves a stain and I find that it will leave the stain for about 4 hours if I don’t eat again.

It does not bleed outside the lip area and feather like some liquid lipsticks I tried.

It’s scentless so if the scents to product like this bother you it will. The transfer on this is more highly due to it being creamy rather than matte. The transfer can lessens after blotting on the tissue paper or the powder trick too.


The first picture is when I first applied the product from the tube. It is more glossy first applied and very creamy so it glides right on my wrist and of course on the lips it is great. Then the second picture is after an hour and it still didn’t set and was still glossy but not as glossy so it doesn’t set to a demi- matte. I sat with my arm out to get the full on test and I seriously watched it and see if it dries to another texture but alas it didn’t.

Overall Experience

Overall I would say that I really liked this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can grab a hold of this product and for the price it has great value
and amazing quality. I
enjoyed using this and though the creaminess could be worked on it did have
superb pigmentation and I loved the color of it. Have you tried any of the EB Advance Liquid Lipstick yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it a 3 and a half star because I love everything about this
but I don’t like the cream texture because I’m quite keen on the matte formula at the moment but I can’t fault this product it is just my preference. It has great quality and it does have some good points like it’s affordable, has
great pigmentation and so affordable. So it was pretty good I
think and would love to buy more.

That’s it for this review of this lovely lipstick. It had it’s good points and it was great a local budget brand has an option and is accessible. I am loving this liquid lipstick week and trying and review different kinds. I hope you are enjoying it too and liked this review so I’ll see you in my next one.

What is your favorite texture of liquid lipstick?

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