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Favorites of September

Happy October! We are finally in the last three months which I guess for a lot of people it is the most exciting with all the holidays coming up. I know I love them and always look forward to them and feel so much festive for some reason. I have so many things planned and this year I am looking forward to it even more because I feel so much more excited for blog things and maybe other things I’m thinking about. So I should hint about that later and just show you all the beauty, fashion and lifestyle items I loved in September!


Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Miel

This has been my foundation of the month. Since my holy grail foundation was not working on me and not blending anymore I thought it was time to replace it. So it came at the perfect time since I just bought new makeup for a video and turns out this foundation worked great on me. I fell in love and it blends perfectly but I use my hands to apply it and then a flat kabuki brush to buff it in with to get a flawless application. I’m working on the full review of this so I’ll put all my thoughts on there but for now I have been loving this and had to add it in my favorites.

EB Advance Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

Next is the eyebrow pencil from EB and at first I wasn’t sure about it but then I fell in love and it is so easy to draw in my brows and fill them in and the color matches so perfectly for me. It has a comb on the lid and just helps in brushing them down before and after too.

Ever Bilena Thicklash Mascara

The last EB product that stood out and got a place in my favorites for the month is a mascara and I knew as soon as I got it I would like it. I mean I judged it right away and should have not done that just in case I didn’t go on with it but I certainly did and the formula is quite good not thick and clumpy even though the name suggests it should be thick. The brush is amazing and really does amazing for my lashes so a major win in mascara for me.

Beauty & Fashion

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

The first bauty thing that isn’t makeup related or actually is this cleansing water. Since I’ve been wearing makeup quite often for filming and events lately I got a chance to try some micellar water after hearing so many great things. Then I heard great things about this brand so it was something that really convinced me. I found to love using it and get the hype around this. It did a great job removing my makeup and was really gentle. I have a small size but I think I have to by the bigger one if they have it and try more from the brand.

Orly Epix Nail Color in Hollywood Ending

It’s been a while since I added a nail polish into my favorites. I was off of it for a while and didn’t really paint them and just let them be and then I needed to have them looking nice for a wedding so I got into it again. I love this color and it lasted pretty good. It’s really nice for this time of year and it is a great color to go from summer to fall so it’s fun seeing that happen. I have a review on it already but you can see it here.

Forever 21 Striped Navy Skirt // Clothing

Since I had a lot of makeup and beauty items for the month the fashion got put to the side a little so when I focus on one then the other gets slacked off but what else doesn’t in anything. I did notice that I was wearing this skirt quite often. I wore on a casual day when I was feeling girly and wanted a little prepiness. Then I wore it to a more dressed up dinner party and styled it to be more elegant. It is so versatile and just perfect for the season and I just love the navy colored. I thought I would only use it for sprig but it transitioned perfectly to fall and loving the stripes so much actually. So this was my favorite fashion item of the month and loved styling it over the month.


Side to Side – Ariana Grande & Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey // Music

I have two songs again this month and I’m back on the Spotify game again. I wasn’t loving much the past two months but this one was quite a jam packed one. I was enjoying Youtube and other stuff the past couple months but after scrolling through the TV channels and stumbling on the MTV VMA’s it got me into the 2 songs. I wasn’t going to watch it but I had nothing on and just went with it and then these 2 songs stood out to me and I knew they were when I kept singing parts of each one and combining both of them together and not getting them out of my head. I really like Side to Side and actually I’ve been loving Ariana more and more. I’ve loved all her singles and  ones that are on the radio but I listened to the album because of this and can I really love her now. Next is Closer and I’m pretty sure everyone else is obsessed with this song too. My cousin and I started  thing in the car where he does the guy and I do the girl and it is the first one I got him to finally sing with me in the car. So car journeys with him are way funner and doing car karaoke as well so it made it an even more favorite song right now.

Till I Met You // TV Show

The TV show I am loving is Till I Met You which is a Philippine TV series. If you remember last year I was loving one and enjoyed it far too much. Well this time around it has the same actress and actor but a different story line so I had to check it out and again I am loving it so far. They are just so amazing in it and it is such a good and unique story. I do like it but some part of me loved the first better maybe because I could relate more and it was what got me into the love team but it is still good. I still watch it every night and squeal over the guy because he is just amazing and him and his characters he plays are like my dream guy so it motivates me to watch it. I can go on all day about this show and how it will be a favorite until it is over but I’ll spare you. This was no doubt not going to be included because the first few days it just caught my attention and I had to do it for the girl and guy in it. It is such a pleasure to finish dinner and sit and watch it with my cousin and you may find me on twitter gushing about it so much so if you ant nightly updates I do find myself going on and raving about it there.

That was it for this months favorites! I really can’t believe there is just two more of these left and I made it for the whole year of doing them. I sill have two more but the whole chunk of doing ten months is pretty amazing if you ask me. I hope you liked this month’s favorites and enjoyed me talking of all the makeup bits I was liking through September. Let me know what you were loving and any brands stood out for you last month. So until next month’s favorites!

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