My October To Do List

What to achieve October

Happy Monday! It’s already the beginning of another month. I kind of skipped over this last month but I actually forgot about it which I don’t know how I did but this month I am here to tell you this month’s I have planned and then recap my last ones. It’s just a quick post showing you that. So let me just get into it now!

Things To Do This Month:

Book a summer holiday!

Film a lookbook.

Spend time with family.

Organize all my new makeup.

Take photos in the “to picture pile” piling up in my room.

Practice and experiment autumn eye looks.

Save some time for The Sims 4.

Do one thing adventurous.

Sit and write.

Find the perfect Halloween costume for this year!

That’s what I came up with this month and surely they are pretty achievable and can be done in a month. I feel like it’s not too complex to finish but I’ll report back. I’m so excited for this list and maybe I can get my butt into gear to ge done with most or even all of them.

Things From Last Month:

Do a video every Friday!
Finish 3 chapters of my novel.
Write on the weekends.
Get through a few of my books on my TBR list.
Plan a trip to the city.
Finally buy the things I’ve been wanting.
Do a mini bedroom revamp.

Redesign my blog.

Obviously that is pretty good and so not what I was expecting. I surely thought I was not going to achieve anything. If you couldn’t tell I’m not quite a positive person when it comes to stuff like this. I usually never think I finish my goals until I reflect on them. It’s so amazing I did and just need to work on it more.

Those were all my goals and things I have planned for the month of October. I hope you enjoyed and maybe I can update you a little quicker next month of what I crossed off on my to do list. Let me know any exciting things you’ve planned for October and if you are excited for all the pumpkins and decorations because I sure am. Hope you have an amazing month and do the things you have planned.

What is your most exciting task for the month?

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  1. Stephanie Collins
    October 3, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    You did so awesome with your goals from September! It's the best feeling when you can cross them off. You must be excited to book a summer holiday soon! My exciting taste for October is to dye my hair blonde : D I'm currently a brunette, but it's time for a change. Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

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