Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costume Inspiration – Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess 3 Ways

Happy Monday! I’m here with part two of my Halloween costume inspiration post but this one is a more in depth and a few styled outfits. This is going to be my second costume and I’ve already decided the outfit just have to pick up the accessories for it but you’ll see that later on. Again, I picked a few things from Zaful who kindly let me choose a few of their items to feature and I created a few outfits. So I’ll move on and show you the 3 different kinds of fairy princess costumes.

Girly Fairy Princess

The first way as you see is the very girl side and your typically fairy princess. I’m going to go and go down this route and it is just so cute. I went all out with the cute accessories and it is a total girly look and when is the time but Halloween to go all out and just go crazy.

Autumn Fairy Princess

This next one is a unique take and take the season for inspiration and be an autumn fairy princess. I added a lot of the autumn colors and wanted it to incorporate the surroundings and it is the in between of both the other two looks. I really like this one and maybe if I hadn’t picked the girl one this would be so pretty to put together.

Dark Fairy Princess

Last is the dark and spooky route and what isn’t Halloween without it. If you hate the girly and still not into seasons then why not the dark side. I feel like it is a lost fairy and has that spookiness to it but I still added the girly bits. I find this one to be so easy especially if you already have a lot of black.

Bodysuits & Tulle Skirts

The base of the outfit is a body suit. I’ve seen them everywhere and I have a few but they are leotards so kind of the same thing. Also these are so easy to style and can go underneath. I picked three different styles for each and you can find the third one here. As for the main piece I went with a tulle skirt because they are so fun to wear and love mine so much that I can’t wait to style it for a costume. There are so many different styles and colors but you can find the second one here.


I’m moving on to shoes and I went with heels for all but whatever shoe is fine. I went with two sandal chunky heel and then a high heel with wings because I love when they match and more wings the fun. I think the first one is so perfect for the costume and can be found here.


Again the last and most essential as always. You can style anyway but I just have the three main parts to a fairy princess which is the crown, wings and wand. There are so many different ways and colors so it is there to suit anyone and match their personalities. Of course you can add any other accessory you like and add personal touches and things to match the costume too.

That’s it for my fairy princess costume 3 ways. I really enjoyed putting this together because it reminded me of when I first started blogging and putting these in depth guide and putting different looks together. I hope you liked this idea and found it helpful like the last. I can’t wait to show you mine and see how I styled it. So I’m going to go buy my wings and hope you don’t se a fairy at your window!

*This post was written in collaboration with Zaful but my opinions of dressing myself on Halloween are all on my own.

What are you most likely to be on Halloween; dark or girly?

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