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Halloween Inspiration 2016

Happy Sunday! I cannot believe I almost forgot my annual Halloween inspiration post I’ve been doing since I started blogging. I love styling costumes together for you and maybe get some inspiration because this year I am lost with what I’m going to wear. I have plans with my nephew and not sure what we have in mind but since I’m not dancing this year and don’t have to go all out but I just have to. I actually never was a witch and as a kid my mom was against wearing any black but since I’m my own person now and can dress myself I wanted to go dark since I missed out on all the scary and dark costumes growing up. Now when Zaful got in touch to see if I’d want to pick a few pieces to style I thought I would put a Halloween twist and since a lot of us has a black dress it can be used for a costume idea for maybe something last minute like I always do. So I put together a few pieces that maybe some of you as well have already own in your closet to create a nice or a wicked witch this Halloween!

Little Black Dress

I think most girls have a black dress or a shirt and skirt or black jeans and blouse. Whatever you prefer it can turn into a costume just using our imagination and creativity but I went for the little black dress to style because it is the one I’m planning on using and styling. I started with this first dress and it is something I already have. This dress can be found here and there are a few more to choose from as you see that I picked.I love that it can be used not for just costume but for whenever you need one. I love the cut and detailing and it can go perfectly.The next dress is longer and has the lace up detail in the front which is on trend and for me it seems like a witch kind of detail and a very wicked vibe about the dress. It may seem gothic as well but just the perfect dress that can be worn as a costume. The last dress is really a simple flowy dress that is easy to wear and has longer sleeves for colder weather and seems like a great dress for that wicked side you have in you.


Next we have the shoes and again three pairs but not necessarily matching the dress entirely but I thought they are quite popular so maybe someone has a pair. The first shoes I picked are these ones here and I feel like they are really extremely witch like and kind of a sexy witch. These are my favorite and if I did have a pair it would make the whole outfit. The second pair is a shoes I’ve seen everywhere and I still haven’t gotten a pair but I love the lace up trend and I feel the lace up of these give it that edgy but still girly witch vibe. Plus they are flat so it’s easy to walk in and hit all the blocks of houses if you are trick or treating or at a Halloween party and dancing all night. The last shoe idea is another boot and I guess this is the more punk witch but this has a thicker heel to be easier to move in if you are still into a heel. There are so many shoe options to go with and maybe just a plain black shoe if that is all you have.


Last and probably most important to make this costume official is the accessories and props of course. I picked out a few to just jazz out the witch vibe you are going for. I threw in a bag but maybe one that looks like a cauldron to put all your potions you’ll make in it or your favorite lipstick whatever your withy needs may be. The bag is this one here and it is the closet one I could find like a cauldron but maybe if you don’t want a bag go for a real plastic cauldron to carry around but if you want an accessories and more a grown up a bag is the way to go. The essential part which is the witch hat which you can go down the traditional hat route or I like that they have these cutesy headband if you are going for that cute look. I love both but cannot decide yet which one but knowing me I might get both for back up. Next is the broomstick which you can buy one already or DIY it and add your own personal touch to it so you can fly into the night in style. Last some jewellery to accessorize with in the shape of a witch hat or a black cat or anything to do with a witch. I’ve seen so many cute jewelry that can definitely be added and it gives it a cute touch. I forgot maybe some striped knee high socks in either orange or purple might be fun to add or spider stockings in case it is cold where you live too.

That was this years Halloween inspiration guide and every year I look forward to doing one of these. I know it is pretty simple and quite basic but honestly I’ve never been a witch and never got that kind of fun before so I’m making up for it now. There are so many ideas and looks that can fit your personalities like a good witch, wicked witch or a teenage witch like Sabrina. No matter what I hope this helped any last minute gals out and to quickly pop something together but look like you put some kind of effort into it. Let me know you plans this year or if you’re going full on and dressing up or whatever plans you may have. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do anything but for now bye witch!

*This post was written in collaboration with Zaful but my opinions of dressing myself on Halloween are all on my own.

What Halloween tradition do you still do every year if you have one?

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