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Happy Wednesday! It’s back to beauty review time and today’s is a blush duo that has surprised me and found to be liking after using it again and again. I’m loving doing these reviews and find it so nice giving my thoughts on drugstore products lately. So I’m going to keep the intro short because this review is pretty long but I do hope you enjoyed and now on to the review of the EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess.

Description (from website): Get that healthy flush back to your cheeks with the EB Advance Blush Duo. This palette comes with a complementing blusher, bronzer, and a mini brush that will give your cheeks that pop of color and added definition. Available in four shades, Baked Fig, Golden Goddess, Rosy Chic and Summer Fling.

Where to buy: Watsons, SM Department Stores, Robinons Department Stores& anywhere there is an Ever Bilena counter. This product cost Php220.00 and as I said I got mine in my local supermarket and they had testers for all the shades which was really helpful when I had no idea what to go for and seeing them made me come to a decision.


The outer packaging is pretty nice. It tells you what it is on the front and on the back it has all the information. What I like and find helpful is it has all four shades and the colors and the one that is filled in is the shade in the box.As for the blush duo itself, it comes in a sturdy, sleek white packaging made of plastic that snaps shut. It has a large mirror that covers the whole width of the top and a mini brush inside which comes in handy especially when traveling making it a great palette to take with you. The brush applicator included is not too coarse but not too soft either. Mine sheds a lot and when I used it the bristle hairs came out and ended up on my face plus after using it the hairs were displaced and became a weird shape as they popped out in different directions. It did pick up the product okay and applied it but it didn’t blend in as well. So in short I don’t recommend using the brush unless you have to and use your own preferred brush.


The color of the blush is a a pinky peach with gold flecks in it to create a very shimmery blush look. It has tiny gold sparkles and specs of glitter in it too that are really fine. I love colors and blushes like this because it creates such a highlighted and sparkly look. I hear that this blush in this shade is a dupe for the Nars Blush in Orgasm. I can’t really compare the two since I don’t have the Nars blush but I have seen it in person at a Nars counter at a department store and looked at swatches online and at other beauty blogs and surprisingly the color does look similar. The quality and pigmentation I can’t say are the same either but color-wise they do seem quite similar. Let me know if you have the Orgasm blush and if you think it can pass as a color dupe. As for the color of the bronzer it is quite a light brown with no shimmer or anything. Also it is matte and the shade is just right for my skin tone so it doesn’t look like a I smudged dirt across my face. It’s not a muddy color and can warm the face up as well.


The quality of the blush and bronzer in this palette are both really great and very pigmented. I was quite surprised and really liked it since it is soft once applied to my cheeks. 
I do find the contour powder a little too powdery especially after I dipped my slanted brush into it and there was fallout everywhere including all over the palette making it pretty messy and might get dirty faster since the palette is white. There were a lot of excess falling out and didn’t sticking to my brush and on top of the surface I was using. However the blush is more compact though so the blush doesn’t have that problem. My only criticism about this product is that I find they both are a bit hard to blend making it a bit more difficult and I advised to be a bit careful and
don’t go all out when dipping the brush into the product. To fix this I recommend using a big fluffy brush or a large slanted brush for better product application. So despite the blendability issue it is still a great and affordable product.

Application & Staying Power

I’ve used three different brushes so far with this palette. One I used the brush it came with for the testing the brand video. The second one I used was a big fluffy brush to pick up the product. The last one is a fluffy slanted brush to apply the contour. I found using the slanted brush pretty good and made it the easiest option to blend with and not creating so much fallout. I also suggest blending it out as much as possible since it has good pigmentation. For the staying power it did a pretty god job and lasted the day in the heat and sweat. The shimmer of the blush was still there and I could tell the bronzer was but it did sort of smear a little and faded at the edges.I’ve tried it at an event too in an air conditioned room and it was just fine too. It is pretty good especially for it’s price which is such a god thing.


The top of my arm I did one swatch of both the blush and bronzer to see the initial pigmentation in one swipe. The bottom two are built up swatches of the product to see how much it can build up and how bold it can be after a couple of swipes from the palette to my arm for the swatch. It is very buildable which is nice but if you don’t want as much color it does really nicely just applying a tiny bit and blending it out.

Overall Experience

Overall I love the duo and for the price it has great value. I
enjoyed using this and though the blendabitlty could be worked on and wasn’t what I was expecting
it did have pigmentation and I loved the color I chose plus it stayed on so a check
for me in my check list and what I look for. I am so happy
with this that I highly recommend this especially if you’re just starting out with the whole contouring ans bronzing trend then it can be a great beginner palette because it is affordable and so easy to practice with plus you won’t feel guilty. Another great thing is you can also use them shades as
eyeshadow colors and the blush as a highlight since it is really shimmery and gives a great glow.
Have you tried the EB Advance Blush Duo in Golden Goddess yet?

My rating is:
I’ll give it a 4 star because I do love it and
it is an amazing palette. It had it’s good points and has a little ifs but it still was a nice duo in my opinion. The blending and fallout was the only downside making it not be a five star for me but maybe you will find it better than me. It’s affordable, has great pigmentation and great color options as well so one of those might appeal to you like it did for me.  So it was pretty good I think.

That’s it for this review of the lovely blush duo. I really hope you’re not tired of these EB reviews yet but I do have one more in store and I promise I will give it a rest for a while and move on to other brands I’ve fell in love with lately. But maybe you like these reviews of the brand so it is a preference but let me know if you have anything in mind. I hope you are having a great rest of the week as well and until next review!

What kind of blush and bronzer appeals to you all year round?

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