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Happy Friday! Here I am with an Autumn lookbook for you and showing you four outfits I styled together and what I wear a lot during Autumn. Since I do live in Manila and it doesn’t really get that cold to fully embrace the style I still incorporate the colors and trends and just make it adapt to me but you can adapt it to your weather as well. I shot this at a pretty national park way in the mountains about 2 hours from I live. When I left my house it was storming so I thought the fog in the mountains would look so good and make it look more fall and be cold there. I got there and it had so much sunshine like it was a summer day. No fog or cold breeze. I brought jackets and scarf but if I did wear all of those I would be so hot so my plan back fired but I did continue shooting still for the lookbook. I did film it as well as took pictures so you can watch the video here on my channel or own below. If you don’t want to watch you can read on to see the different outfits and some recommendations with how to style and add things to each one. This post doesn’t have the links or the details of where I got everything because each look has it’s own outfit post so stay tuned for all the individual ones. So I should stop and finally show you the four outfit I styled in my autumn lookbook!

For the first outfit it is my casual laid back look. I think my recent favorite thing to wear is black skinny jeans and it is such a great fall essential for me. Next my top is finally something I can wear since I bought a black tank top since it has a lace deep v neck in the front. To make it more fall appropriate I added a scarf in. I thought the colors went really well with this. Last thing was my black ballet flats which the nude trim went well with the top and black and gold satchel to finish it. So I know it wasn’t really cold for me but of course other places this would not be ideal so instead maybe a jacket and some boots on instead.

The second outfit is something I go back to every fall. When I was in Forever 21 I saw these two items together and from then on it because a perfect fall outfit I go back to. I’m not sure why I actually never featured it before but I had to show you it. This cream peplum top is thick enough to keep you somewhat warm. These leggings are my favorite color and burgundy is my ultimate favorite autumn color. They are comfy and quite thick enough too so that’s nice.  The accessories I just went down the black route and paired a black bag with a suede ballet flat. Of course a matching bow and the lipstick was a matching color to the leggings because I love the deep berry hues myself this time of year. My recommendations to style it in colder climate is a thick white jacket and fluffy scarf with some heeled ankle boots would look so cute if I had a pair.

The third outfit is one of my favorites. I love cobalt blue and navy for autumn as well as burgundy. I love the cut out shoulder trend right now and the ruffle tops like this. It actually is a dress but too short so I tucked it into a black skater skirt. I feel like a skirt like this is just great for all year round. The accessories is just the belt for this dress I used it as the choker trend and tied it around my neck then for the bag I just used he same bag as the last outfit and added a pom pom key chain since I’ve seen them all over lately and since this color matched so well I had to add it. The shoes is just some black peep toe pumps to make it really dressed up. The recommendation for this outfit is black tights to keep warm, a warm coat and maybe some knee high boots too would look so chic.   

The last outfit is a transition sort of outfit. I loved this denim skirt all summer and felt bad that it would be put away but then I thought why don’t I style it for autumn too. I started with this orange rustic bow blouse which again is another autumn piece I bring back. Since it has a rustic feel I paired it with tan accessories and orange and navy looked so good together so I used this mini bag that again goes well with the sandal wedges which I know is not an autumn appropriate shoe but it was the only tan shoe I have. The recommendations I have is tights that are maybe a gold shade or something with a pattern and some tan knee boots too.

That was my autumn lookbook! Stay tuned for the full outfit post for each look and all the details will be in that. I hope you enjoyed the looks I styled and got some inspiration from it in case you have warmer weather or just adjust them to your climate. It was so fun doing this and let me know what you’ve been wearing for autumn and a piece you always go back to since I’ll love to know.

What is your fall outfit you always go back to?

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