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Happy Friday! Another happy one because I got my online order delivered and that means yet another haul for you. It’s a pretty long one so better get ready for a whole lot of makeup, review of the service and a couple product first impressions too. So I should keep the intro short and just get on with it.

Review & Experience

First I’ll give a mini review of the website and my experience before I proceed to the haul portion and show you what I bought.

It’s really a great and easy to navigate website. It has articles and different topics and it isn’t just a shopping website. I love that you can narrow the search and that is exactly what I did. There are so many different brands to choose from international and local ones which is good so I can get access to all of them without the high shipping fee. The best part for me though is the review section and I like researching and reading so getting firsthand reviews and experiences makes it easy and some of them have swatch pictures on different skin tones so it makes easy to see because you can’t until you get. So I think it’s a pretty great website and gets a thumbs up review from me.

The reason I finally took the plunge to buy something was the promotion I read about on twitter and I even got an email since it was the long weekend they offered free shipping on all orders. I mean I wasn’t waiting for it or having any reason putting it off but it was like fate and it just happened. I’ve been wanting to buy but I kept convincing myself I didn’t need any more makeup but ya girl needs new makeup to not only use but look at too. I hope you’re the same way or I’ll feel bad. So pretty much that was my honest reasoning behind me ordering.

The first delivery I ordered at 11PM on a Monday night which was a holiday since it was a 3 day weekend. I just made it with free delivery because honestly I was doing pros and cons if I should and I was not home for most of the day but I convinced myself which I’m glad I did. The transaction was fast and easy and the next day during working hours I got an email saying it was on it’s way. I got the package on Wednesday. I didn’t receive it but my dad did it for me as I was away again but no problem. I’m not sure how many days that is but I think maybe it’s 1 day shipping. I thought it wouldn’t be because my address is considered provincial but I live on the outskirts of the city so some websites have been considering me part of the city which I get a lot of package sooner. I think I’ve explained it but for the review I thought I would add it in again.

The second delivery I ordered around 2 or 3AM on Sunday or so. I think I shouldn’t shop at that hour because it leads to this. Do any of you do that and remember in the morning and thought it was a dream? My dad was still up so I was asking for an opinion and he said just go for it. My dad enabled me to buy stuff. Usually dad’s say no you don’t need anymore but he said I’ve been working hard so go for it so I did and now I’m telling you about it. I ordered it over the weekend again but the Monday wasn’t a holiday so it processed and I got it delivered on Tuesday in the afternoon. So pretty quick shipping for both.


First Delivery Purchases

| Pink Sugar It’s Awesome BB Cream in Beige // Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder in Natural Ochre // Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo in Black |

To start off with my haul from Beauty MNL I bought a few things from Pink Sugar. I was seeing blog post from local blogs I follow and became curious myself. I made my list and went out to Watson’s at first and tested the shades in real life. I did buy 2 products while I was which you’ll see in the next paragraph. I wrote down the shades and the opportunity came up to buy them online which I did. So I ended up with the base products by buying the BB cream and then the powder. I prefer buying the liquid makeup and the powder to set it off. I’m not sure why but I feel like they should match I don’t it just gives me an excuse to buy it. The last thing is a dual eye liner which I hear has one pencil end and one liquid end which for me is a genius because who doesn’t love two in one products. I love I can buy this brand online and a store close to me because sometimes it is sold out in either place and has stock in one I can still pick it up if I have to.         

In Store Haul

| Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Concealer in Medium // Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Brow Gel in Taupe // Pink Sugar Lip & Cheek Tint in Pink Passion |

I’m just going to add this little haul because it is the same brand and I don’t think I need yet another makeup haul so I don’t think you will mind. I went to Watson’s in my local mall and knew I wanted to get the concealer after hearing so many positive things about it. I wanted to see what color I was in person even though I had a feeling I was medium but seeing it in real life really helps. I really like doing that and then I buy it online since I pay with credit cards anyways. I think I’m just weird but I do buy in store since I’m already there like I did. Then I decided to get the brow gel because I was unsure of the color too and I went with Taupe instead of brunette. The lady recommended this lighter color to match my hair but I’ll have to try it if not then I could go for the darker color. Also heard amazing things for this so of course had to try it. Last thing is something I should have started with because that is the first Pink Sugar product I ever bought. A few months ago I went to the same Watson’s and wanted to try something but at the time was in a rush and couldn’t look into anything or really do my research as I love reading up on them before I buy. I did like the look of the lip and cheek tint and went with a hot pink color. It was summer during that time so I picked it. I heard it is a great liquid lipstick and pretty affordable. So that was a mini Pink Sugar Haul I bought in store.

 Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lip Crayon

| Love At First Swipe // Woke Up Like This // Nothing To Wear // Ready in Five |

Another exciting thing I purchased were this matte lip crayons. I bought them either the day they came out or the next day. I was at Mall of Asia with my dad, cousin and aunt because we were in the area and had an excuse to go. On the way I was on my iPad and saw the post where Liz introduced the collaboration with Pink Sugar. I thought it was so cool and the first blogger to do something like this here so I wanted to support that. I saw they had the brand available at SM Department Store and I was already there. I have to tell you how much I love their beauty department and wanted to stay and live there forever and just bask in all the beauty brands I want to try and try all the makeup there. I did manage to find the stand and picked up all four colors. I did manage to leave there with only these four lipsticks but I had to put up so much strength to just not go crazy and buy everything and anything I could get my hands on. Of course I’ll have a separate post on these with my thoughts and how I’m liking them so look out for that.

Second Delivery Purchases

| LA Colors 16 Eyeshadow Palette // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge // Detail Contour & Blush
// NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Medium // Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick D6 Nash & D3 Katherine |

I then proceeded to go back to the website to get links for this blog post and noticed some new things in stock. I’m not joking they seriously have so many things to browse that I was putting off finishing this intended blog post. I convinced myself that if I only browsed the under 500php tag that I would feel less guilty in case I found anything and if I happen to fill my basket again it wouldn’t be that much. I don’t know the logic behind my reasoning there but whatever you tell yourself, am I right? I found so many good things that again my basket filled up but they had so many good prices I found it justifiable. Then I slipped and hit the purchase button again and here we are.

This purchase began when I selected the less than 500php as I said. I found the Real Techniques sponge and I was recommended it. I was thinking of just going all out and buying a beauty blender but didn’t know if I would like it so here came this pretty affordable option. Now I’m so excited to use this and see how I get on with it. The second thing I spotted was an eyeshadow palette. It was the colors that attracted me and then I looked at the price ready to be sad that it would be out of my price range but I saw it and I literally squealed and into the basket it went. The reviews for it seem great so I can’t wait to just play with it. Then I get sucked into more and more and then saw this contour and blush palette which seemed so pretty. Again I thought the price would be insane but so affordable and I actually don’t own a palette like this yet. I own like duos and trios but not a whole palette like this. The reviews were all great again and I love trying new brands. I just can’t see not buying two lipsticks so that’s exactly what I did. I got two shades from this liquid lipstick which is a pretty pink which is a color I always go with but another bold autumn color because I lack that in my collection. It wasn’t the first one I could have gone with but the one I wanted was sold out so I just went with the shade I picked up instead. Last thing and hopefully the last thing I buy makeup related in a while is a concealer. The reason I bought it was to get free shipping and I was so close so I just went with it. I didn’t want 3 lippies so I just went through the site again and finally decided on this. I got it in medium and it looks like it would be great for my under eye circles and again great reviews so hope I end up liking it too.

That was it for this blog post. I actually enjoyed writing and filming this so much so I hope you do to. I’m going to be doing separate review posts for a lot of these but if you want to see something more than others let me know which one you favor and are curious in and I’ll see if I can have that up for you. I have such beauty blogger problems right now and have to take all the product shots before I get to play with this and test it out but I know once I get it done the reward will be getting to test everything out and change up my makeup routine. There are so many ones I want to play with and just use already so please let me know you get that way too.

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I had a great experience and I’ll be buying again but just not right now as I’m going to be drowning in makeup if I keep it up. If you’ve ordered from them I’d love to know you’re experience and what you bought. If you got this far you still can watch my haul here or below and see my reaction of the unboxing there. It was so fun and a pretty long one so kudos to you if you have finished both of them. I hope you found it as enjoyable as I did and until my next haul I guess!

What is something you’ve bought online recently that you couldn’t wait to arrive?

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