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Skincare Matters

Happy Monday! I thought that I would be having Monday’s as maybe beauty related as I missed posting beauty bits. After getting some artificial lighting since it has been so grey and gloomy lately I thought it was time to invest and it was worth it. I guess I’ll save the details in another post but let’s celebrate that I can take beauty blog pictures again. So on with today’s actual post which is skincare related. I don’t do much from this topic as I am new and still trying things out and even learning about good things and bad things. I would do a skincare routine but I haven’t mastered anything quite yet but once I do you know I won’t hesitate and tell you about that. Since I’ve started wearing makeup quite frequently these days I find it so much better when I wash my face and feel so fresh and back to normal afterwards. I know it’s a basic skill and everyone in the world knows it but I feel so much better. Honestly before I never knew that and just threw water on my face so teen Jackie was probably very bad. Now I take a lot of steps and I think for that 5 years or so maybe less I feel better.

Truthfully I am blessed with quite clear skin *knocks on wood* I experience maybe one or two breakouts a year with a spot here or there and it goes away leaving nothing behind. Yes I am thankful I don’t have to wear makeup anywhere I go and I look the same and feel okay leaving the house with nothing on my face. I hardly wear makeup in my outfits and just a lipstick. I am so happy I am blessed and thankful but don’t think I have perfect skin anyways. I have pretty dark under-eye circles and a lot of fine baby hair all over. Yes I am pimple free with no scars or discoloration but I have to deal with not finding the right concealer to cover them up and trying to hide my baby hair so I still have problems don’t get me wrong. I sometimes can’t use a foundation because I react funny to it and trying to find one that works makes me not want to wear any at all. So I do have my problems but it may seem quite small compared to some. I can’t complain and to be honest I am so grateful for my genes and being half half I guess. I know that may seem like I’m bragging but I’m trying not to be but telling the truth that’s why for a while there I thought skincare wasn’t for me or really could benefit me at all. Boy I was wrong. Since I have quite good skin I should take care of it and maintain it right? So that’s what I did and slowly over the years I tried a few products and fell in love with some and didn’t quite like the others.

I’m still not quite there with the basics behind it and the science and all that. I feel like other people know way more but I’m learning along the way I think. I’m still trying to figure ingredients and stuff like that but TimelessHA got in touch and I began looking more into stuff like this. It was really helpful and finding out new stuff really amazed me. They have a vitamin c serum which I heard is great for skin. I take those vitamin c tablets to prevent sickness and if it helps my immune system then it should help the skin too. That sounded so interesting and if I ever come across one I have to try it as I haven’t used one yet. If you have I’d love to know and your experience with it. I’ve wanted to try a few more things like one more thing which is the hyaluronic acid serum and I’ve been wanting to try a serum as it is the only skincare kind of product I haven’t tried formula wise. I find them really interesting and curious about them as well.

As for these products above I’ll have a separate experience and review post about the Pond’s skincare after getting a good use as it is almost a year since I’ve had them and used them consistently. Look out for that as it is a good one and my makeup remover too.

I hope you liked this blog post about me trying to chat about skincare. I find it really fascinating and so interesting how it can help out skin. So I suggest you go out and try something because I know I sure would have loved someone to tell me about it sooner. My mom wasn’t a big anything fan and just wore lipsticks mostly and perfume so I had no one to look up to. It’s not her fault but it would have been nice. I had so much fun chatting away like this and if you like these kinds of beauty rambles let me know. I’ll have reviews and swatch posts up again soon in case you missed those because I sure did. That’s it for now and hope you have a lovely week ahead!

*This post is in collaboration with TimelessHA for my full disclosure find that here.

What skincare product do you fancy trying right now?

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  1. Gemma Magpie
    September 13, 2016 / 4:56 am

    I love Biore, it's such a great budget skincare brand xx Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Mlle Coconath
    September 14, 2016 / 5:16 am

    Great post! I also use Biore!xxMademoiselle Coconath

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