Payday Wish List N’2

Fall Fashion & Beauty Wants

Happy Wednesday! I’m back with yet again another wish list but one that is mixed up and has a the things I’m eyeing this pay day. I went back and saw I did one like this the same time last year with no intention but when I checked when the last one was it came up around the same time. It’s so weird but so cool. The items I have picked are more autumn and fall inspired items I’ve been looking at and I am so in love with all of these colors. So I’ll just get on with my wish list and show you and why I want everything now.

I’m going to start off with the fashion items. I went into H&M the other day and just fell in love with everything. I love all the autumn clothes that are out at the moment and all the colors. Even though the season isn’t cold it is still fun to dress in the colors and feel like you are apart of the season. It’s kind of a good thing since that means I can wear skirts still and short sleeve tops but also on the cooler days I can go for long sleeve and sweaters too and match them. I’m obsessed with the color palette in stores right now and it makes it so fun to wear different. I just love this white long sleeve blouse and I’ve seen it quite a lot recently and how cute is this black over the shoulder lace top plus both of these with this red A line skirt would all look so good paired together. I think picking up a few pieces for maybe an autumn lookbook so if you’d like to see that let me know as I’m so excited to do some styling and play around with it since I didn’t really do much last year. Last thing I saw which I was tempted to buy was a sweatshirt. I haven’t bought one in so long and used to love my school sweatshirts and dance sweatshirts to lounge around in so when I saw this one I knew it was one I would get. I mean look at how cute this blush pink hooded sweatshirt is and it has gold letters which is my fave combo. I can imagine this with leggings and some white trainers would be the perfect casual outfit.

Moving on to beauty I’ll just share some nail polish picks. It’s been quite a while since I’ve bought any sort of nail polish. I saw this brand on Instagram and it had so many pretty colors and were quite affordable. They have a regular range and a gel polish range so I decided on the gel ones since those kinds of polishes last long on me. I need long wearing ones since regular ones don’t seem to last on me and I just get annoyed applying it over and over. For the nail polish I start off with the Gel Top Coat and then 3 colors which are Based on a True Story, Manila Girl and Rose Quartz. I picked these colors for autumn but there are so many that I narrowed it down to these and how cool they have the pantone color of the year as polishes.

I think Pink Sugar has been my favorite brand and get ready from a lot of posts about them soon. The ones I picked up so far are great and I’ve been loving this range but I still haven’t tried the Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit in Sassy Brown and the Sweet Cheeks HD Color in Paris Lights. The eyebrow kit just launched and been hearing good things and since I’ve not used a powder for the brows in a while I’m thinking this might be a good starter. As for the blush the reviews I’ve read it is an affordable dupe for the Nars Orgasm blush. It does look like a pretty pink and really sparkly and I love that in a bush so this is a good one to try but they have so many other colors I want to try too.

Next I’ve seen a cheaper option of acrylic storage at a department store so I might need to buy a few more because my collection is getting out of hand and have no where left in my room I need drawer after drawer.

Last item or items on my list are from Colourpop. I did just purchase an order from them since it was free international shipping but I kind of feel like I’d love just a few more bits to make me complete. Stay tuned for a haul on that if you are curious what I got in my first order. I still have a few things I want and that is the fall edit matte lipsticks in the color Time Square, Viper, and Notion. I actually didn’t get any of the fall lips and I kind of want since I don’t own many colors like this. The last thing is a highlighter which I’ve heard good things about and the one that caught my eye is Lunch Money. Maybe I’ll put in another order come payday.

So that was all the things I want coming payday. I’m looking forward to do some clothes shopping again as I’ve been on the makeup kick (I still am too) and looking forward to adding some autumn pieces and makeup items to my collection. Let me know if there is any thing that you are immediately going to get when you get paid. I hope you have a great rest of the week and happy spending!

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What fall fashion and makeup item is on you want list?

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