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Homecoming Coming Up

Happy Sunday! I’m here with another weekend post. I’m really loving my blogging schedule at the moment and hope you are too. Also this was meant to go live a few days but he scheduling glitched so I put it out now and since I was away it was a nightmare to arrange when there was no internet where I was but I still made it. Anyways today I wanted to discuss dresses but most specifically ones for special occasions like homecoming and prom or events like that. I was talking with my best friend in the U.S and she said her younger sister is going to her homecoming next month which I can’t believe because I remember her being a bratty little girl always trying to shove her barbies in our faces when us teens were busy reading magazines and talking boys in her room. When she told me this I literally gasped and can’t believe it’s been so long since I see them. I get to talk to my friends back there so they keep me updated. It brought back memories of us going to our homecoming and the dances we went to. I only went to a few while I was studying there but I did love the whole high school gym setting and getting dressed up together.

What sparked my interest after Media Buzz got in contact with me was dresses that match personalities. I’ve always designed my own dresses from homecoming to prom to graduation even. I’ve always designed and helped made my dresses. The ones above are both what I designed for my debutante ball and sweet sixteen respectively. I loved that I have say in all my fancy dresses. I do buy regular ones but when it is a special occasion I usually prefer designing my own. Since I found out I loved designing so much I went to fashion school and then do some designing on the side and have a dressmaker help structure it for me and I finish it off. It just gives it my personal touch and shows off my personality even more. I’m so lucky I get to have my dresses special made and designed by me because it makes my fashion sense reach a whole new level. So here are a few dress types that shows your personality.

Whether or not you realize it, what you wear and how you wear it says a lot about your personality. The type of music you listen to, the flowers you pick, and even your homecoming dress all represent who you are. Since homecoming is around the corner, I thought I would look at how your homecoming dress says something about who you are so that you can pick the perfect dress to match your personality. Let’s take a closer look.

• A Classic Look
If you are super-keen on a 1920’s look, go for something classic: the faithful black dress. Ditch the awesome dye job and really show off your features in the right cut. To go with your vintage look, remember to wear smoky eye makeup and a couple of vintage pieces of jewelry. This is a look that suits classy and dignified personalities who aren’t afraid to show it.

• A Strapless Dress
Girls who opt for a strapless dress are fun and flirty, and they sure know how to enjoy themselves. Strapless dresses are great for showing off your features, especially if you’ve been working out for the big night and want to show off your shoulders. Maybe you got a great spray tan that you want everyone to envy, then this is the way to go.

• A Short Dress
If you enjoy being the center of attention and flaunting your stunning assets, pick a short dress. The dress doesn’t have to be extremely short, but just right for showing off your moves on the dance floor. Once that music starts pumping, you can hit the dance floor without the worry of tripping over a longer dress.

• A Red Dress
Are you sassy? Do you have the charisma of a superstar? Then go for red! Red is a fantastic and dramatic look that makes you look a little older and more mature. It says you are full of confidence and you know how to strike the perfect pose for those pictures. You can find your dream dress.

• Get Your Style Right, It’s the Most Important Part!
We know just how important it is to find the perfect style for homecoming. You really want to ooze flair and sass, and impress everyone you come across. Use the above tips to find the perfect dress for your personality and you are sure to turn heads and make those cameras flash.

If you’re a little shy and conservative, there are plenty of beautiful gowns to choose from that will have you feeling like the prettiest girl at homecoming. All you have to do is decide what you like, what suits you and go out and get it. Don’t forget to coordinate colors and styles with your date so you can truly make a grand entrance on the night!

That was my weekend post for you. I hope you enjoyed and maybe you can reminisce if you went to homecoming or maybe prom. I remember mine and I did love the whole dressing up and glam time I did with my friends.I miss the fun and all that and looking at these kind of dresses again reminds me of finding the perfect one with my friends or in my case I took inspiration and gave it my own take. Actually that purple dress up there was inspired by Sharpay’s prom dress from High School Musical 3. I was going to make it hot pink and sleeveless like hers but I didn’t want an exact replica so I just matched it with my Sweet 16 theme and made it my own. The other dress was my own design and I worked with an illustrator until I got the exact one I wanted and it turned out better than I imagined. I hope you liked that and got a little story time about my dress designs. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

*This post was written in collaboration with Media Buzzer.


What is your dress style for a special occasion like this?

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  1. Gemma Magpie
    September 19, 2016 / 6:52 am

    Such a nice dress roundup post xx Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Unknown
    September 27, 2016 / 3:02 am

    I never realized that everyday, with every outfit we wear, it says something about us. A homecoming dress can be something very special for some girls, for some it can be an opportunity to express themselves trough fashion. Me, I'm not that type, I don't have a sixth sense for fashion. But I do try to keep up as much as I can and what I really love to do is choose different pair of shoes to help make my outfit less dull. My favourite place to get all those different pair of shoes is on this web site called La Glamour Style and since it's fall season, I shop a lot of ankle boots which they have a beautiful selection of.

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