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Testing a full face

Happy Friday!Welcome to today’s blog post which features a first impression, makeup tutorial and one brand of drugstore makeup all in one. I decided to try out a full face of only Ever Bilena makeup including the brushes and give my thoughts on my first intial use of them. I filmed it for you so you can watch it below or just read a mini review of each of the products I featured in my last haul here. So these are just my first impression so far when I initially tested the products. I’ll just get on with it now and start rambling about each one.


To start off with the base I first went with the Studio Finish Foundation in Miel and I really thought I got the wrong shade and it did not match but it did. I just twisted the product up and applied the foundation in streaks all over my face. I then blended it in with my fingers. It blended in quite well and didn’t have a chemical smell which is great but it was quite fragrant so if you don’t like that or your skin is not compatible with that then it might cause trouble. It is not full coverage but I would say it is light to medium and I didn’t build it up but I was quite impressed with the coverage of a few swipes on my face. Next is the concealer which is the EB Perfect Eye Concealer and I was also skeptical of the color but I did a good job color wise. Just like the foundation I twisted up the product and swiped it in a v shape under my eyes and then used the eyeshadow brush to blend that in. It is soft and blendable too which made it easy. Again not that pigmented and didn’t cover my dark circles completely so either I add another layer to cake it on or put more foundation there before hand. Last is the powder and I used it to set it off. It was the right color and really silky smooth. It added coverage and took away the shine around my t-zone and made me not full on matte but set the foundation and controlled the oil.


The eyeshadow palette I used was the EB Palette in Pink. I used the first shade as a highlight shade for the brow bone and inner corner, the second shade as an all over base color, the third color I used as a blending color for the other half of my lid and the sixth color was used for defining my crease. It is all shimmery but the pigmentation is great. The color of the second was quite silvery instead of pinky but the rest I used to create the eye look was really great and for the price it was worth it if you’re into those shades and shimmer. The eyeliner I used was the Matic Eyeliner which was easy to draw and didn’t drag. It had great pigmentation and was easy to use. I used the EB Mascara with Fiber on my top lashes and I like it so far and doesn’t clump up but I only did one layer. For my bottom lashes I used the EB Thicklash since the tiny brush makes it easy to comb on to the lashes. I did use fake eyelashes and I do like the EB Lashes in Demi but the glue with it didn’t really last long and started to come off so I wasn’t to impressed with that but really liked the style of eyelashes. Lastly I used the EB Advance Eyebrow in Dark Brown and it was really easy to use and did use tiny hairlike strokes and I quite liked it and the comb on the lid was quite useful.

Blush & Contour

Then on to bronzing and blush I used the EB Blush Duo in Golden Goddess and used this which the bronzer I used it for contour and it isn’t as pigmented as I wanted and had to dip the brush that came with the duo. I used that to blend in but it did do a pretty good job blending but the pigmentation was a little weak. The blush however is much more pigmented and since it is sparkly it just seems to have a highlight effect and can blend really easily. There are 4 different variations to choose from and all the colors are different. For the actually highlight since I didn’t have one I used the one white one in the eyeshadow palette to give a subtle glow.

Lips & Brushes

Last step is the lipstick and I went with the EB Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lace. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. The price is amazing and cheapest liquid lipstick I own. I do like the color when it is dry but while it is wet it seems too bright and too coral. Then when it’s dried I love the color. Speaking of drying time it takes so long to dry to a matte so I have to bite on a napkin to get rid of the excess and pat it down. Then once I get that done I was liking the end result. It took so much work so I’m not sure it is worthwhile quite yet. Maybe it was just the first time using it but it was kind of sticky and not as pigmented and I had to dip it in quite a lot to get the opaqueness I want. I’ll use it again and see if it gets any better because I believe in second chances. Now for the tools I used which was a separate eyeshadow brush which I used to apply and blend eyeshadow, concealer and get in to blend in the rest. As for the 5 piece travel brush set I used probably 2 of them and then one of them once. I used a small tip one to apply my crease color which creates amazing lines so that can be used for eyeliner or an eyeshadow line perfectly. I used the powder brush a lot for powder and blend the contour and blush and the eyebrow comb I used it for a second before realizing I could use the one that came with the brow pencil. I guess if you travel a lot and needed brushes and also use the whole set it is worth it but for me I’d rather buy the individual ones for the needs I used them for to have brushes I could get the use out of.

Now here is the most important part which is what it looks like on my face. I actually loved how it turned out and it is possible to buy from one brand and have a full face of makeup. This brand had everything so it made it easier to achieve that. If you are just starting out or don’t have much knowledge in makeup you can collect little by little and build up a kit like that. They had a few stand out products which by doing this I discovered ones that I may have repurchased from this first impression of it. Overall pretty impressed with Ever Bilena and I can say it is a drugstore brand I can recommend and has some great products especially the ones I mentioned. 

When I fully test it I will be doing full reviews on them once I try them even more and see the longevity and all that.I feel like these were just my initial thoughts and reaction but I like testing them out for long periods of time because that shows how well it can get on with me. If you’d like to watch me do the makeup and see how I use everything and all that then you can here or down below. If you’d like to see more brands and testing and first impression videos let me know. I hae a list already but maybe there are some I missed.

I hope you enjoy this type of post and found it helpful in case you were wondering what a full face of Ever Bilena makeup looks like on.I had a great time doing this and it is fun experimenting and trying new things to discover some gems. I’d love to take requests of local brands and later on moving on to international ones too. Also you can watch the whole first impression and tutorial video here or watch it above. Let me know your thoughts and have a great weekend lovelies!

What brand have you collected a full face of makeup from?

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