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Autumnal Faves

Happy September! And happy ber! Like last year I explained it is when the ber months come. It is so close to all my favorite holidays now and I can’t wait. The weather has gotten colder (the slightly cooler temperature I might say) and it is getting darker earlier making me have to adjust my time to take pictures. It’s the most loved and hated time of year for bloggers and vloggers because the fashion is coming back and so many fun activities but the lighting is terrible too. I’ve been thinking more and more of all the autumn things I can do for blog posts and more exciting the Halloween and Christmas posts I already started planning. Since it is already September I get to share the things I loved in August. It’s quite a mix this month just like last as I just seem to be stuck in a rut with beauty things. I’ll quit the ramble now and just move on to chapter 8 of my monthly favorites and tell you everything I loved, beauty, fashion and lifestyle wise from August.


OMG Nail Lacquer in Gold Digger

First is one of my favorite nail polish especially during either the festive season or during autumn like around now. I wanted to bring it out and been wearing it the past two weeks. I featured it before but I can’t help but love this so much and it is so pretty.

NYX Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

This has been a long time favorite now pretty much since I got it a few months ago. If you ever wondered what I’m wearing on my lips in various outfits I’m sure this is probably it. I love the color and with different colored outfits it brings out different tones which I love. I agree it is such a nice color and after reading so much about it I’m glad I picked it up. Also this will be up in a haul video soon too but I just had to add it.

Pure Gel Apple Hand Sanitizer

Now this favorite is just as random when I added mosquito repellent lotion in my favorites. I got this from a gift pack from my cousin and after smelling it I fell in love and apply it througout the day. I’ve been loving the apple scent and it reminds me so much of autumn and apple pie and stuff like that so that’s why I like it.


Forever 21 Plum/Marsala Leggings // Clothing

The first fashion fave I have is these leggings. I love this color and you may have seen this quite a few times over the past year or so. I just love Forever 21 leggings since they are so comfy and can be worn so many ways and at different times. This color as well is my favorite to wear and I just find it so pretty and anything in this shade I will buy or pick up for autumn.

Forever 21 Velvet Bow & Cat Eye Sunglasses // Accessory

My two favorite accessories from the month are two black things so one is a black velvet bow that I noticed I’ve been wearing in a lot of outfits recently. I love it and the material is so pretty and makes me want to get more velvet things. The next is this pair of sunglasses. I got quite tired of my blush nude pair and thought these were more autumn and they have been working with so many of my outfits so you’ll be seeing more of these as they are just to gorgeous and I love them on.

Dresslink* Gold & Black Satchel // Bag

Last fashion item I have loved is my bag of the month. I switch out my bag usually monthly or something like that and this month this has been something I have used. It is more structured but can still fit quite a lot. I feel like if I get a too big of a bag I’ll just bring the whole world with me so this is a nice medium for me. It also matches my sunglasses quite well and a lot of my outfits too so it had to be added in as well.


Overnight – Jake Miller // Music

I haven’t relly listen to music this month but one I was listening to and loving was one by Jake Miller. After discovering his music I always wait up for his latest EP releases. I like his music and I love a little difference. I’m also loving Good Thing as well from the latest one but overall love it. I wish I had more music faves but something we wrong with my Spotify and I got my phone company to sort it out for me again so I hope next month I find new music.

Youtubers // Show
Something a little different for this month’s favorites to mix things up is to list a few youtubers I’ve been loving lately. Since I’ve been pretty good with my uploads too I thought why not share the love and stuff like that. I have three faves and I love that I got some recommendations to watch some new things and I love to discover new people and really ended up liking. First is Jodes and love her channel and her bubbly personality. Next is Jordan and I’ve been loving her blog but since she started youtube it’s fun watching her and love her princess style. Last is Deli who I’ve been watching for a while but I find her so lovely an entertaining and a mix from all the other content I watch. So that replaces my TV favorite for this month and hope you enjoyed or maybe find someone knew to watch too. 

That was my August Favorites. I’ve now completed 8 of of the 12 months and feel so good and proud that I’ve done it when I thought I was going to give up. It seems a lot easier now and I find these so fun to do especially since I started filming them again so I hope to keep that up as well. I loved changing it up this month as well and hope you liked all the autumn favorites which I’m sure next month will have even more. Don’t forget you can watch the video here and subscribe. So I hope everyone has a nice weekend and enjoys the new month. I have a few things planned but I don’t know what else lies ahead for the month. Until next month’s monthly favorites.

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What has been your most loved autumn item you’ve loved this month?

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