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Happy August! Well it is monthly favorites time once more and I’m here to share all the things I loved from July. This month has a twist and that is I included a few fashion favorites. I kind of didn’t have a lot of beauty favorites and I feel like I’ve been loving so many of the same things since I use pretty much the same things so it would be pointless to repeat them so close together. I did notice an increase of a couple other items I was loving so it would be a nice addition. I did film this month’s favorites just like last month so you can watch it here or down below. So why not we jump into all that I’ve been loving in July including a few beauty favorites, a
few lifestyle and now fashion thrown in as well. So let’s get
on with chapter 7 of my favorites this year.


| dry shampoo // lipstick // posie balm |

TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

The first beauty item is a hair product. I picked up this dry shampoo a while back and had it in my haul video but needed to start using it. I’m the type of person who can’t wash their hair ever single day but with the humidity sometimes I feel I have to put with my hair sometimes being oily and sometimes being dry I don’t know where to stand. Ever since I was taking dance class I just needed a spruce up for the next day to get my bun to hold up and this works great. It does the job, doesn’t leave any white in my hair and smells pretty nice. I’m glad I finally could find a decent dry shampoo after searching everywhere.

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon

The lipstick color I’ve bee loving over the month has been this one by Revlon. After a beauty clear out I found that I hadn’t got much use out of this lipstick. The last time I used it had to be months ago so I finally started again. I loved this is a peachy pink and different from the others that I have been using quite a lot lately. Plus it is a cream lipstick since I felt like I needed to take a break from the matte lipsticks since my lips have been chapped. It is nice and moisturizing and a lovely color so glad I got it out to use again. I also have a review of this lipstick if you want to see my full thoughts here.

Benefit Posie Balm

The last beauty favorite I have this month is Posie Balm. I found a gift bag full of unused Benefit samples and couldn’t bare them going to waste so I decided to use them. I love how the packaging is so cute and similar to the original. I use this as a blush at the moment and it does quite a good job. It is like a cream blush and I just apply it to my cheeks and it has pretty good pigmentation. I’m not sure if it is meant for that but it isn’t sticky and does good. I can use it as a tinted lip balm too which is nice it can be used as double purpose if I have to.


All In My Head (Flex) – Fifth Harmony // Music

The song of the month is another girl group one. I’ve been loving their album but I have been most obsessed with this one and I love that it’s on the radio stations now so when I’m driving I can listen to it then too. I think I discovered it right before the music video came out and I don’t remember how exactly but glad I did. I love the vibe of it and the sound they have now and what they are going with. I love that all the girls are getting more solos and evenly distributing the parts unlike before it seemed like I only could hear on voice or I just might be getting used to voices I’m unsure. It’s still really good though and next time I o on a pretty long drive I will have to listen to the album more in depth.

Rapoo S500 Bluetooth Headset // Item

I had to add these Bluetooth wireless headphones to edit with and use for watching videos.
I’ve been wanting a pair and since I got serious with my editing then I
thought it would be time to invest in a more expensive option instead of
my cheap 100php headphones. I thought the wireless option would be a
lot friendlier until my desktop for some reason hates it and didn’t work
which is what I use to edit videos with. They worked on my laptop,
iPhone and iPad but the desktop so I had my dad come over and fix it but
it still didn’t work for him. Oh by the way my dad managed to fix my headphones but my desktop sometimes still is finicky. All I care is he got them to work and they work on my laptop and other
devices or else I could have totally just wasted money. In the end though they became my favorite because it did start working and I use them non-stop now. It is doing pretty good and I have been loving using them on my iPad to watch Youtube and walk all over my room with out being tied down. It’s so cool and now just using this technology I am amazed by it.

Scooby Doo // TV Show

How did this become a favorite? Well it started when I bought these headphones above. I don’t really have anything on the computer besides my footage I film. I did however find a Scooby Doo folder of all the movies my dad downloaded for me a few years ago. He played one of the movies and after that I got hooked and have been watching all the old Scooby movies all month long. I even got so into that I went online and looked for the new movies and the TV show. Right now I am watching and trying to solve the mystery’s with them. I used to just watch it and be scared/entertained as a child but now I really get into and analyze it to see who is doing it and the motive behind it. It’s actually quit educational and makes you think. I just love going back and re-watching it and I even bought some Cheetos and M&M’s to watch with it to really relive my childhood.


| bag // denim skirt // necklace // headphones |

Forever 21 Denim Skirt // Clothing

If you haven’t noticed I have worn this denim skirt to death by now. It is so comfy and just goes with everything in my closet. The material is so soft and the perfect length for everyday use which sometimes I’ve been doing lately. I have an A line cut one but it’s hard and very tight but this just is simple and flowy and with the humidity it breathe when you wear it. I absolutely adore everything about it and now I want to get one in a lighter wash. I have I think a few more I took pictures in for filler posts so I warn you now how much I loved i when you see it again in future posts.

Rope Bow Necklace // Jewellery

The accessory that got the most love this month goes to this necklace. I couldn’t get enough of bows in my hair I had to get them on my jewellery too. I like how simple it is and it’s just a rope tied bow that can be worn long or you can make it shorter. It’s been featured a few times in my outfit posts so I had to add it in. I don’t think I’ve ever been this obsessed with a necklace for a while.

Forever 21 Crossbody Bag // Accessory

Lastly the most favorite item I’ve bee loving is my blush pin cross body bag. I use it as my everyday bag and take it with me wherever I go. It is the perfect size and goes with a lot of stuff in my closet too and I think that’s because I own a lot of things in blush right now. I can fit so much into it and it even fits my iPad Air so if you are looking for it’s size I hope that kind of represents it scale. As the skirt you’ll probably see more of it in future posts. Also if you’d like to see a what’s in my bag post or video let me know because I was contemplating doing one with this bag.

That wraps up my July favorites for this year. If you’d like you can see last year’s and watch my first monthly favorites I ever filmed. Speaking of filmed make sure you subscribe and watch here and maybe I’ll do next one’s as well.I hope you liked my chit chat about my fave childhood show which I love that they still are making and remaking a lot of the old shows. I still am a little childish with this kind of stuff so it’s great for me. Also let me know if you’d like to see more fashion favorites or any other type of favorite in here and not just like my normal stuff. I can’t believe it is August and I’ve done this for eighth month straight. It still is so fun and hope for you to. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy reading and watching. See you again in next month’s chapter of my monthly favorites post!

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