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My First Time!

Happy Friday! Today’s outfit post is quite different and I kind of toned it down and didn’t really did what I considered a full outfit picture post. However I did it on purpose to do a little story time incorporated in theme with my Youtube video this week. So first I’ll give you a few details of my outfit and then you can read on for a fun story or you can watch it here instead!

For my outfit I think everything is from Forever 21. I just threw on the outfit for a day out so I went with my usual comfy look so my grey floral tee, a chambary skirt which I finally learned the name of what it is called then grey flats, my blush everyday bag and nude sunglasses with a pink bow in a ponytail.

Since this week’s Youtube video which is down below, has gone live I and it involved my firsts I thought I’d share a snippet on here in written form because I do love writing stories as well. I would just give a small summary though since I spent so many hours editing and putting cute quirky things into the video. I loved the questions and giving a little back story and maybe you can learn a little more about me in different stages from my life. To start with though my first airplane ride was when I was 2 and I went to the Philippines. I still own my first car and drive it to this day but I also learned to drive in it. I got detention once and you should really watch the video for that story because I cracked up with it. There’s a lot of pictures and more stories as it is almost 15 minutes long. I had so much fun doing it and maybe do more in the future if I get a good response.

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, skirt: Forever 21+ {similar}, shoes: American Eagle {similar}, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21, sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit and a fun snippet of a story. I thought it was a fun idea and hope you enjoyed it as well. And yes that is me playing Pokemon Go for the first time finally. I now get why it is so popular and addictive because I was jumping for joy when I got one. My cousin came with me and he taught me all the tricks which I didn’t know and it really did help. It was such a fun day out and I got to have dinner out with the family and since it was my cousin’s 10th birthday the waiters came over and sang to her, gave her cake and a balloon too. It was so fun and I love family days out just bonding and doing stuff together which mainly I’m always caught shopping. That was my Friday and a great start to my weekend. So hope you do too and if you have nothing to watch on Youtube why don’t you go subscribe and watch the first time tag below! Have a fab weekend!

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What was your first detention?

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