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Happy Wednesday! As I’ve said I seem to be loving the wish list route again and I love showing you things I have my eye on right now. This one however is a beauty themed one after being obsessed with fashion wish lists and of all the clothes I’ve been wanting. For a while now though I’ve been in a beauty rut and just not in love with any products as I was used to and it made me realize that it’s because I haven’t bought anything new to play with. Now to solve that problem I went online to my favorite places and just did a quick browse and of course a couple hours later I had a basket full of drugstore products which a lot have recently come out and a few cheeky high end products that I’ve been lusting for a while. It’s quite a mix and I’ve noticed that I did have quite a theme going on and I do love a good pink product. So this is what I currently have in my basket at the moment waiting for me to press the buy button to arrive to me and I’ll show you them now.

First up I have a few makeup tools since I feel like using my 4 year old set I got when I first started out is not doing it for me anymore. I think I need to treat myself and get pink ones because why not? I still don’t know what high end brush kit to go with and since I don’t use them quite as often I think right now I don’t need an expensive set. I found these and think they would be perfect for me. I think the 10 piece set is just right and have things I would normally use. The next are kind of like the Real Techniques dupe and with te makeup I have picked it I think it would work well with it. The last beauty tool I have is a beauty sponge. This is not the beauty blender it is another dupe and with the price tag I’ll try to see if I like using a sponge to apply foundation and products like that before going out and splurging right now.  

Next set I will talk about all the Sleek Makeup I have here. I am kind of in love with the brand right now and can’t get enough. I actually picked up a few of the Matte Me lipsticks a month back and think they are amazing so I needed to get a few more shades. First is Shabby Chic and I think it is just a great color and next is Velvet Slipper would be a great upcoming autumn color. Also the names are amazing and I love when they are cool like that. The second thing I am wanting is the rose gold blush and after seeing a lot of bloggers loving it and me being into these kinds of color I do need it. Plus I haven’t tried a blush from them and they all look lovely. Last Sleek item is their highlighting palette and I think I need to try the highlight trend. I actually haven’t embraced it yet but it has me curious. This seems great for me and also the packaging is just so pretty too.

The next brand is NYX and since there is a counter by me now and really accessible online I got into it. I picked up a few matte lip creams and love them but the liquid suede ones have me intrigued. The colors I was most interested in is Tea & Creams since it is my color to go for and Sandstorm. I saw Zoella wearing in and at first I wasn’t sure to go with a brown lip but I’m into taking risks and wouldn’t mind trying a new color.

Since I am on the topic of lips I actually don’t own a lip liner and since it is another popular thing right now I was bound to try it especially with all the matte lips I have and want to own. The ones I have my eye on are the HappySkinXLoveMarie Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lip Liner in Skinny Dipping, Heartthrob & First Date they just came out and I seen many good things. I love the brand so getting one from there seems the perfect start. I might not get the 3 shades in one go but one that matches most of my lipsticks at the moment.

Also I’ve been so into Maybelline so much and with all the deals lately it’s been great to stock up and try new things. I love their mascaras and they are the perfect drugstore ones so after hearing great things from this I had to ad it to my list to pick up.

The last beauty bits is a 5 in 1 electric face cleaner. I’ve been really interested and curious and I can’t justify buying a high end expensive one and when there is a dupe I love trying it first and I can see how I get on with something before I splurge. Next is a nail polish and I love the gel formula and since I got on so well with a Sally Hansen top coat and used to love their formula with the regular nail polish this sounded great. I think I would go for a nude or pink color at the moment.

| 10 piece brush set // RT copycat brushes // sponge // nail polish // highend highlight palette //  highlight palette // blush // mascara // sleek lipstick // nyx lipstick // liquid lipstick // foundation // concealer // face machine |

Now for the high end bits and the first thing that I might actually splurge for is the BECCA
Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. I think s soon as it comes back in stock I would jump at it and this is one of the high end products I can’t stop thinking about and hope I would get some good use out of it for the price. Next is a foundation from Too Faced Born This Way and after hearing such great things about it I think I can justify it but I need to find how I can find out my color but I can only get it online so it’s quite a dilemma for me since it is so expensive I don’t want to go to waste. A concealer form Nars has been something I wanted and I think it is time especially to get ri of my under eye circles which have been insane with my routine lately. Last item is the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick and I just love the matte and lipsticks so this had to be on it and I just want to try them from them too.  

So that was my wish list. Since discovering Sephora and other sites that has cheaper shipping and more products to try I just been loving getting to see what is new and what I can pick up. I mean my bank balance will probably hate me but it is such a rare thing for me to treat myself. I’m usually one who just buys something for someone else and love doing that so when I do get a chance to pick something up for me that I really want it’s just a good feeling. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings of the reasons behind why I want everything and I feel like a kid writing a letter to my parents trying to convince them why I need them. These are really fun to make and let me know if there is any other wish list you might want to see. I’m going to go and stare at the basket now and once I do take the plunge I’ll be sure to share a haul with some of the other things I do still need to show as well. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week and go buy some things!

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What high end and drugstore makeup bit is on your wish list right now?

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  1. Helen
    August 17, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    Awesome wishlist, thanks for sharing!* Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *x

  2. Carolin Se
    August 17, 2016 / 8:27 pm

    Super interesting products! Thanks for sharing your wishlist :)What about following each other? Caro x

  3. The Sunday Mode
    August 19, 2016 / 2:39 am

    Oh I'd definitely recommend the Nars concealer, beauty blender and the Lash SensatiomalMascara!

  4. monica hein
    August 21, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    great wishlist, really want the sleek palette

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