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Going back to school

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I did a lookbook and though I’d love to do them more often it is quite hard to at the moment but when I do get them out it is so fun to do and film them and show you them. If you didn’t notice this week’s outfit posts had a theme and that is back to school looks. I have styled 4 different outfit perfect for going back to school. I wanted to give you a few outfits that are casual and comfy and perfect for those mornings you don’t know what to wear or are not bothered to get out of bed because I know I was like that. So you can watch the whole lookbook below or right here or just see a couple pictures here on my blog.

| Crisp Autumn Drive // Miss Sporty |

The first outfit I themed around Autumn. I love leggings and find them so comfortable and easy to use. I also went with a tank top but I’m sure schools have a dress code which I always listened to so I added a cardigan but wore it like a cape sine I’ve been curious on the style and it reminds me of Blair Waldorf. Then throw on some sandals and a satchel. I wore this outfit Monday so if you want to see the outfit details you can see that there and more about it.

The second outfit is my sporty look that can go from school to the mall real quick. I went with the simple tee and jeans but added a 3/4 length sleeve hoodie to keep you a tad warm from the air conditioning in the classroom or lecture hall. Then I wore a pair of open toe sandals but instead maybe you could go for some white Converse or a pair of white shoes would look great. The accessories I went with some cute things to rally express yourself. Again for the links and everything bout that outfit are in it’s on post from Wednesday.

| Wander Forest  // Grey Hearted School |

The third outfit is my I woke up too late an need to get out the door look. I had moments when I slept through my alarm and hated getting up in the morning as I was never a morning person and probably don’t intend to. So this outfit is perfect for those rushing around kind of mornings. I took a pair of capri jeans which were my favorites to wear in High School and then a tank top with a shirt on top. It takes a couple seconds to throw on and you can go. My bag is pretty big and can fit a lot of stuff where you need some room but also want a cute bag. My shoes I just used a pair of black flats and finished off the whole outfit with a side braid tied off with a bow to complete the whole lazy vibe and look like you made an effort when you were in a rush.

The fourth and last look is the first day of school outfit. Its a simple one just a grey jumper but it isn’t just plain it has large black heart to give it some detail. It isn’t really thick material and lightweight so you can just wear it alone or with a jacket if it gets colder. Then I went with some black jeans with rips in the knees and they are comfy and a basic piece that goes with everything in my wardrobe. Since it was sort of a first day outfit then a backpack would do to store books and collect them on the first day and don’t you like going backpack shopping and finding the perfect one. For shoes I went with comfy loafers since I thought it would be great to walk in and they look so perfect for school.

Those were my outfits and a look book for back to school. I do have the to outfit posts coming out next week so wait for that and all the details of hose last two outfits. I hope you enjoyed this and I loved filming and editing  it so go over there and subscribe too if you’d like. I have more planned and love all the outfits and styling I’ve been doing. So hope you liked and have a fab weekend!

What does your back to school outfit look like?

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    Lovely outfits, you look great!!* Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *x

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