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Happy Wednesday! It looks like I’m on a wish list bug lately. This round I have a couple of hoodies I have my eye on. Since it has been cooler lately it has go me excited for the jackets and hoodies I can pull out again. I use to laugh at everyone who wore winter clothing when it was storming here in Manila but I think they got the right idea since when will you get to wear these kinds of clothing unless there is a huge storm. Now I’ve just embraced it and bring a coat with me whenever the weather cools down. When the tidestore.com got in touch and asked if I wanted to do a post for them I agreed since I love looking at new clothing items to buy especially with stores online lately because of how fun online shopping is for me. They have a wide selection including wholesale women tops and cheap hoodies online which I browsed through to select which hoodie I liked. I was excited to find such cute ones and ones with pretty colors. So here are the top 6 picks I choose from.

The first one reminded me of Pretty Little Liars so why of course I choose it. Who doesn’t want to look like Red Coat with this on? Maybe it can be worn like regular or even a Halloween costume. I don’t think it’s too early to think about because honestly I’ve already put thought into who I want to be this year and maybe add this to my list of costume ideas. It’s still a nice coat no matter how you see it and I’ve never had one with buttons down the front in this style so I find it so cute. I picked this second hoodie because it reminds me of the one I had except mine was white. I loved it so much and wore it everyday especially with how cold it was when I lived in the US. It had the fur and everything which was so soft and kept me nice and warm. That’s why I had to pick it because if I had a style of clothing before I’m bound to choose it again. Plus the color of the one I did pick and the fur look nice and just snugly to be wrapped in. The third one I picked is quite similar to what I wore in my last outfit post. I think I caught the animal print trend and really am attached to the leopard print as it just looks so chic and fashionable. I like how long it is and how it is cinched in giving some shape to the hoodie. It’s not just a basic black hoodie but has some style and edge to it instead of being all plain.

The fourth hoodie I choose was a grey one but the zpper is off to the side. I’ve always seen one but never got into it. It does look cute and I love the darker grey of it. The fifth is a sweatshirt hoodie and the only one I picked in this style. I’m not much a fan of them since I like having the zipper to be taken off easily in case it warms up again. I do think it has nice detailing on the sleeve. It’s still a good hoodie and at east I switched up the look. The last one I picked is what I call the stole your boyfriend hoodie. For some reason your boyfriends clothing is more comfortable than ours so we end up wearing it. Even though this is a female one it does have that vibe to it and its like a basic baggy hoodie made perfect for lounging in or running a quick errand. Also I feel like it would be a great workout one. I had one like this as well which was white and I loved it so getting a basic grey would be a great choice too.

That was all my choices and what I thought about the hoodies. After looking through them it made me miss my collection. When I lived in the US I had one in different styles and all kinds of different colors to go with my outfit that day. I was all about that hoodie life and miss wearing them so often. You get used to the humidity that I don’t think about wearing them anymore. I do have cardigans and cover ups and one hoodie I wear but I miss the times I needed it more often. Let me know if you are a hoodie person or just like a coat or jacket instead. I hope you have a good rest of the week.

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What is your favorite style of hoodie?

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