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Happy Wednesday! I hope this post gives you an urge to go out shopping and get some coffee because this is what I did exactly while wearing this outfit. I also show you my go to comfy outfit I like wearing when I’m out. So here is the outfit and what I did over the week.

For the outfit I think pretty much everything is from Forever 21 and I just did quite a big haul there so I’m not really surprised this whole outfit is from there. The top is my favorite go to option for just popping into town and being comfortable but also chic at the same time. It is grey and floral (no surprise there) and has a big open back. Of course the sun was out and it was nice and hot so it was perfect. Usually when I do errands or whatever these jeans I just slip on and go out the door pair. They aren’t too thick and really stretchy so I can move around easily in them. As for the styling and accessories you will get tired of seeing this bag so my everyday pink bag and I like it brings out the pink flowers in the top. The necklace and earrings are bows and another thing you will seeing a lot of in my outfit photos. Then we have a blush pink bow which I put my hair in a ponytail since who wants to have their hair in the way while it is so hot and you are walking all over and since the sun was on full blast a pair of blush pink sunglasses to block it. Lastly I went with my comfy grey bow ballet flats I wear everywhere and are easy to walk in plus it matches the grey top. This was pretty much my go out and do stuff outfit I mostly always wear.

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, jeans: Forever 21 +, bag: Forever 21 {similar}, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, shoes: American Eagle {similar}, sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit! If you couldn’t tell by the title I just went out to do a bit of shopping (I know I’m a shopaholic lately) with my aunt, her son and her grandson. We went out to get a few things for our trip up to my nephew’s other grandparents so I tagged along. We ended in the brand new toy store in the mall and taking an almost 3 year old to a toy store is like destruction but oh so cute at the same time. I ended up bringing my DSLR that day and got a few nice shots of him there and now I realize I should’ve vlogged it. I kind of went crazy and who doesn’t when you are in a toy store when you are childish yourself especially when both my cousin and I were trying the toys ourselves. I even made him try a bike because he is turning 3 in September and I think that will be what I get for him. It shocked me he could ride it in the store with no help and not being taught. He just got on and peddled and it amazed me but of course I got in on video so I’m happy I got that. I ended up buying a few toys because you just can’t say no but he wanted such expensive ones and once he had an item we tried to hide the other but he is smart. I love that he took the toys himself to the cashier and waited there until I paid and I’m glad the cashier played along and gave him the bag of toys and he went on his way very happy with his purchase as if he had paid. He is the cutest thing and after buying him the toys I made him give me all the hugs and he made sure it was safe in my bag every ten seconds. Before going home I treated my cousin to Starbucks since he has never been. I actually haven’t been since living in the Philippines so it was both our first time and I just got a frap and so did he. Of course that leads to the impromptu outfit photos with the coffee and my shopping bags. I had a fun day out with them and we are going again to get facials and have maybe another shopping day I think so expect another haul at this rate but if you did miss out I have a summer clothing haul here. I hope you like the outfit and let me know your fave going out to town outfit.

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What is the best shopping all day outfit?

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  1. JessBethan
    July 21, 2016 / 12:55 am

    This is such a cute outfit! I am in love with your bag x

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