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Red, White & Blue

Happy Fourth of July! Well of course to celebrate I had to get all dressed up in red, white and blue! If you didn’t know I was born & raised in Califronia and I am half American so I get to celebrate 2 cultures  which is quite fun and diverse. I always loved dressing up when I still live in the U.S. especially as a kid. However when I moved to Manila I didn’t really dress up in the patriotic colors as much because it isn’t much celebrated here. I don’t know why this year I started up again but I felt like since I was going out anyways and taking outfit pictures then why not? So here is today’s fun and patriotic outfit!

For my outfit I wore this red eyelet dress but to add some blue I put a dark blue denim skirt over it. I’m obsessed with the skirt and love it since right now it is going with everything. That covers the red and blue so for the white I have my sandals and also this black and white polka dot bag is the closest thing I have to a white bag at the moment but I guess it worked. Now for the accessories the a lot more themed as my earrings are drop down dangle stars and my necklace is an actual American flag. I had the necklace for since I was a preteen and I think my aunt gave it to me so what better day to wear it than this one. I also have a red bow ring with some gold sparkle that I actually made myself. I’m not really a big DIY person but this was fun to make and really paired well with the outfit. Last with the bow I did have a flag one when I was little but I don’t know where it is anymore and I went to Forever 21 but they didn’t have the American flag bow in stock so I just went with a white one with gold polka dots that are really faint so you can’t quite tell but they’re there. Maybe next year I can find one. O my lips I am wearing NYX Cannes as I didn’t want a bold red lip but this was a perfect color to go with everything. That’s pretty much my red white and blue outfit for this year’s Fourth of July!

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Sanrio, sandals:
American Eagle {similar}, necklace: Gift, earrings: Claire’s, bow: Forever 21 |

I had quite a chill Fourth of July. I mean I don’t really celebrate it as much and how I use to like when I lived in the U.S. but I make it work. I used to love helping my dad set up the barbecue and girl up hot dogs as they used to be my favorite part of the day but now I’m a vegetarian so i don’t eat those anymore but back then I loved it. I had on my pretty outfit and after eating my mom and dad would take me to the navy base to watch the fireworks as they were the closet to our house. It was a tradition and I would be so upset when I couldn’t go and see them. Today both my dad and I celebrated because technically we are the only Americans in our house so he wore blue and an American flag pin and we walked around the mall all cute. I ended up going shopping and then we went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I know so weird but it was the only place open since I spent the whole afternoon shopping. That was my holiday and I hope my us readers enjoyed theirs. I wish to go back again to celebrate and reminisce the summer days when I lived there. Hope you had an amazing weekend everyone and I’d love to know if you dress up in holiday colors.

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What is your favorite holiday to dress up for?

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  1. Hannah Usher
    July 5, 2016 / 10:27 am

    Very patriotic! Looks like you were celebrating in style :)Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

  2. Abril Ponce
    July 8, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    The top is so pretty . I love your patriotic outfit X,AbrilThe color palette

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