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Happy Friday! It is a very happy one because it involves shopping. Well for me anyways but maybe you too. If it isn’t obvious today I will be sharing with you the things I picked up from Forever 21 including clothes and accessories like flower crowns. All of this was meant for summer and I did wear them when it was still summer here in Manila but this haul is a little late due to me injuring my hip causing me not to be able to film the try on portion of the video. And yes there is a haul video with this post because lately they are the funnest to film and I feel like I am trying on clothes in front of my best friends. There are all kinds of fun pieces and I have outfit shoots coming up as well with these clothes so be excited for that too. Now I should stop this long intro and just show you everything I bought either the Youtube video I have here or you can watch it below if not then you can read on and find the links of all the items mentioned as well.


I think you can tell what the theme of this clothing haul is and that would be summer. I went out to buy a few pieces for my family holiday. Of course going away with some new clothes to wear is always fun and I picked up a few items I know I’ll be using there and when I get home too. I tried to make it as bright and colorful as possible and as light material as possible since it is so hot. Also the clothing items I choose are interchangeable and could be mixed and matched for more outfit options which for once I planned on instead of buying any old thing I saw and liked.

For the clothes I picked up 2 tops that are a blush pink and sort or crop tops. The first on is backless and the other one is a tank top which has a crochet detailing in the front and I will use it as a cover up for swimsuits. Then 2 shorts so one is a ruffle floral pair and the other is a distressed denim shorts which are pretty long and cover what you want covered. They would go perfect with the tops and can be switched up. After that I picked up a black and white stripped dress. It is so pretty and love the style of it and I finally got something monochromatic. It is the perfect summer night dress and I can use it casually or dressed up if I like. as for pants I finally picked up a pair of black skinny jeans. It really isn’t a summer item but after a long search of finding the perfect pair I had to pick them up. Plus I can have it opposed to pairing everything with leggings all the time. The last 2 tops are not from Forever 21 but the SM Department store however they are still summer items so I included it. They are these lose flowy strapped tops one in hot pink and one in plain back. It is just such a nice material and very comfy plus the criss-cross on the front gives them a little more detail and design versus a plain one. It’s really flattering on and looks so nice on. I wore the black one in my birthday outfit post here and I have a feeling it will be a great basic top to style with.

Summer haul equals buying a swimsuit. I only bought one this summer because mine from last year is still good and it is a two piece so now I have two to alternate through and since I’m not going to be long it will be fine but I wonder what I’ll color or style I choose next year. However this one is in my favorite color and in this vintage kind design. It is a plus size one and is very stretchy but it also is cinched in the chest and waist to flatter my curves so it doesn’t look bad on. Also I love the tie i the neck and I turn mine into a bow of course because me and bows have a thing. It’s open in the back and I can still wear a strapless bra with it. I only wear one for more protection but there is built in wire to hold everything in but the added assurance really makes me enjoy swimming and going down those water slide. I really like it and I can’t wait to use it some more.


I tried something new and for me this kind of screams summer. I never tried a flower crown and I see them everywhere at the moment. I actually have a memory from when I was a kid and at the fairs they would sell ones like this with like ribbons on the back and it would reach your waist. I always wanted one but my mom said no all the time and I don’t know why but I never had one so maybe that’s why now i feel I should have one. I don’t know the logic behind it but I do know I think they are so pretty. I ended up getting 4 so maybe this is a new thing for me.

To start I have this larger flowered crown and I do adore the colors on this and this is the most flower crown looking one out of all of them. It has flowers all over on a wire and I just place it on top of my head. Next one is a rose old one and I just love this and how pretty it is. It isn’t really nice look but sits funny on so I don’t if I am doing it wrong or I don’t know. Honestly I am loving this as a blog photography prop so if you see it you know what it is now. I don’t know what outfit I could wear it with but I loved the color but I am getting my moneys worth since it is a photography prop. These are technically headbands I think not flower crowns but they are semi like it. I like the subtle flowers and the light pink on the first one. It has an elastic on the back and I wear it just on top but I finally found out you can put it on underneath your hair. The second one is quite bigger and is a regular headband. I love the color and it is so tropical and perfect for a fun holiday.  I did wear the second headband in this outfit post here to see it styled.

Bows! If you ever wondered where I buy my bows you see in my outfit posts then it would be Forever 21. I pretty much get them there and have a whole collection worth and you bet you would find them everywhere in my house and literally every single room just scattered. I sometimes even be going through a drawer or a bag and I’d find one that I was missing or ever knew was there. I know I have a problem an no I will not get help from this addiction. I think I’ve said it before but if I go into a shop and they have a bow then I would buy it. Well I buy anything with a bow on it because it is just me. This time around I have picked up 4 different bows. I have 2 pink ones which one is a dusty blush pink and it looks like a little girl bow with the tails and is like it is tied and the other is a silky light pastel pink bow in a normal style. Next are some neutral ones in the same style but one has gold polka dots. The other one is just plain white because I’m often in need of a white one to match an outfit in case I don’t have a color to match a certain outfit but they get dirty easily so I need to either wash it or they get loss so buying a new one always helps.

Another summer essential of course sunglasses. I bought two pairs because you can never have too many pairs and if you know me I would ether a) lose them or b) scratch them and can’t use them. I did pick the basic colors and can match with any outfit. So one is nude with gold tips and a brown ombre lens and then a black metal tip pair. They are both cat eye as they seem the best shape for my face and I like how they look. Also what I love about Forever 21 sunglasses are they are pretty cheap but good quality and I don’t find it too bad if something happens to them. I’m not sure if I could have an expensive pair because I would feel guilty if I lose them or something but you never know I would change my mind one of these days. These are going to be so good in the meantime and I can add it to my growing collection now.

That’s it for my haul. I know I didn’t have many pictures of the clothes but it was really hard photographing them more then filming it. So make sure you go over to my channel (maybe subscribe while you’re there too) and watch my haul and see me try on all the clothes I featured here. I love shopping and showing you what I got. I’m hoping you enjoyed it and let me know if you’ve picked up any summer pieces in the shops lately or your favorite thing to wear. I’m so happy with everything I got so I can’t wait to show you all my outfit photos of me wearing it and being styled together. So until next haul and hope you enjoy your weekend and maybe head out shopping yourself!

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What have you bought for the summer season?

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  1. Adaleta
    July 15, 2016 / 6:01 pm

    Looks like you picked up a lot of goodies. I do love a little Forever 21 browse to see what's new & in style! xx Adaleta Avdic

  2. Heather Nixon
    July 16, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    I LOVE Forever 21 xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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