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Summer Dress Up

Happy Wednesday! A wish list Wednesday as well. So today I am sharing a few summer dresses that came to me with. I think technically summer has come and gone for me but it is still quite humid on some days. I’m still clinging on to summer as much as I can but sadly the rainy season is here and as I am typing this it is currently pouring down rain. However some country’s are just starting summer so I have to live vicariously through them. I picked a few dresses online from their site that maybe I would wear or maybe for you to take inspiration from. So here are my top 6 styles I choose.

I went with a lo of bold prints and bright colors because that reminds me of summer for me anyways. There are so many cheap dresses for woman on that it was hard to narrow down which ones but I finally came to a decision and these were it. The first one is a black and orange bodycon dress (found here) that is just a summer evening date night dress or that’s how I would imagine wearing it. Since it is cooler at night it will not bother you with the heat and sticking to your body. The second one is another bodycon (found here) but this time in a multi colored jungle print almost. This print for me screams summer and it has an open back so it won’t be too bad in the heat. It might be another going out dress but I feel like it is an afternoon dress or lunch with friends or family kind of dress. As for the last bodycon dress I went with a lilac floral print one (found here) that is a fancy dress up one I feel like. I love the colors of it and I think it would be perfect during the day for a special event.

The next ones are the skater dresses which personally is my perfect dress shape. I have so many in this style and it is so flattering so naturally I had to choose a few like this style. This next one is another floral one (found here) but it is in a light lilac and pink but it totally looks like a light summer and perfect for a tea party or just a girly event. I also love the sleeves on this and how the neckline is. The second in this style of dress is a plain yellow one (found here). It would be so lovely just throwing this on and going about your day or how I imagine it would be perfect for. Lastly I have one last floral dress (found here) which I know is a little made for spring but aren’t they almost the same thing? Even though I still think it can be a summer dress if you style it right. I have a few dresses in this shape and love it especially with a high neck and sleeveless. It would be simple day dress just to go out and maybe hang with friends in or going to maybe a shower or a party like that.

That has been my summer dresses wish list and how I would style it and wear I’d wear them to. I didn’t really wear many summer dresses this year unlike last year for some reason and I was more into skirts so maybe I should switch it up next season. I loved picking from different and cheap online clothing and I’m always on a hunt for a bargain and some great fashion picks. Hope you enjoyed this and hope you got some inspiration also let me know what your favorite patter you like wearing in the summer.

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What kind of summer dress would you wear or did wear?

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