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Happy Wednesday! Today’s outfit is what I wore to the movies over the weekend. Since I just went to the mall show and got a ticket from there I could watch any time after that. I finally got a chance and I went with something casual and comfy because who doesn’t want to watch a movie in uncomfortable clothing. So here is my outfit for a movie date I went on.

For my outfit as I said I went the comfy route so I brought out my fashion blogger tee again. It is so soft and light and easy to move in so I had to wear it. This time I paired it with a white cardigan because I get chilly inside the theater and this was a nice cover up. i was going to wear leggings with this look to be extra comfy but I wore leggings with this top last time so I went with skinny jeans which would seem far from comfortable but these ones are and I didn’t mind them. For shoes my grey ballet flats are back and I think I need to get a new pair as I am wearing these ones to death. The accessories I kept it simple since I didn’t really need any but I did throw on a heart stone pendent necklace and a lilac bow to match the colors of the shirt. My bag is my Juicy Couture because it was all I could find big enough to put some snacks and water in. It did it’s purpose though and it brought more color to the outfit.

| top: Forever 21, jeans: Forever21, cardigan: Forever 21 Basics{similar}, shoes: American Eagle{similar}, bag: Juicy Couture{similar}, necklace: Heirloom {similar} bow: Forever 21 |

That was my movie going outfit. If you are curious as to what I watched
it was called This Time. My aunt really wanted to see it and she had no
one to go with so I volunteered. They are the same actors in my favorite
TV show so I knew I would like it a lot too. It was a great summer
movie and made me crave ice cream cones. If you watch the movie you may
know why. I forgot to mention it is a local Philippine movie as well if
you wondered. Also if the pictures in these seem a little off it is
because I am still hurt from my hip injury and I can’t stand on my left
foot so it may look lie I’m leaned over. I wanted to take these pictures
because I still feel like it is my job to do outfit pictures even if I m
in pain. I’m stil recovering and each day I can stand on it a little
more so if any future outfit posts I may seem leaned to one side you
know why now. I hope it isn’t too bad but I made sure to pick the best
ones but hopefully I can continue taking them and get better. Let me
know also what is the last movie you saw in the cinema.

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What does your movie date outfit look like?

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