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Brow Goals

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off with brows on fleek because I am reviewing my all time favorite brow product at the moment. I wasn’t much of a brow person before because I didn’t really get the concept or really knew how to do it. I recently got my brows done at Benefit and it was free since it ws my birthday so an even bigger plus. I got them shaped and now when I tried to fill them in and try experimenting on doing them I think I have figured it out. So here is what I think of the eyebrow duo.

| Happy Skin Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo // 899php – $19.00 |

Description from website (here): Fall in love with Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo as it makes you feel pretty, professional, and poised. This double-ended wonder will frame your face with ace-shaped brows. It provides the best of both worlds: an eyebrow pencil tip and a liquid marker tip. This beauty must-have makes grooming your eyebrows a breeze. With this product, eyebrows look natural—never fake or overdrawn. The fine-tip micro-fibre brush allows you to achieve feathery strokes, professionally mimicking real brow strands. The auto-pencil tip lends brows the most natural hue. Channel the pros with easy-peasy application! Smudge-proof and water-resistant, it gives you perfect eyebrows for 24 hours.

It comes in one shade called chic brown. I think the color matches me quite well and it doesn’t seem too light nor too dark. I think it does the right amount of color for me and I don’t have to worry if I over did it or not. I have fairly dark brows and me being brunette I like them a medium to dark brown color. I also have pretty thick brows and they grow back so fast and I have my dad to blame for the bushy eyebrows. I do have a high pain tolerance with plucking and waxing which is weird though because I have such low pain tolerance for other things. I used to do my own eyebrows and plucked the hairs here and there but now I just have them done professionally. I get mine done at Benefit Brow Bar and if you want a review I’d love to do one because that’s where I have been going to.

The packaging is quite simple. It comes in this cute box and I just love the design. For the product itself it has two sides since it is a duo (more on that later) and it is just a simple black pen but the label on it is printed on in gold. It isn’t too big but it is the size of a en with the cap on it. I find it fits okay in my makeup bag but if you have a narrow one then I think it will be too long.

The first side is the pencil side. It retracts up and down and has a tiny pointed tip that is easy to just lightly fill in the brows and imitate little hairs through the brows. It comes out quite light but not too light which combines with my brow color which blends them all together.

The other side which is the marker side is to draw on the brows. I don’t really use this side since they are currently shaped how I want them too but if I had to this will be perfect. Honestly I thought it was an eyeliner at first but don’t be fooled it is for the brows. I never tried it to fill them in because I think it is meant for doing lines instead. It doesn’t retract up like the pencil either so it just has the cap to protect it.

For the swatches here is both of them together. The pencil was really hard to swatch and at first I thought it was dried out and I ruined it or something but it isn’t really meant to be on your wrist. When I applied it to my brows the pigmentation came out and it was much smoother application so when you swatch it don’t be alarmed as it isn’t for that area. It seems much darker swatched because I ran it back and forth a few times to see the color so if you want your brows that dark go ahead but I only do it lightly to match and blend in with my already dark eyebrows. The marker is much lighter and was easier to swatch on my wrist. It is like a honey brown and I think it is light because it is meant to be a guide and to measure out the brows. It can get much darker if need be but I like the pigmentation as it is.

Overall Experience

I really like this product and would definitely recommend.It is on the pricey side but well worth it if your lookng for a good brow product. I mean it isn’t as expensive as others I seen but it isn’t a drugstore price either so a happy medium for a great product. It does the job and has great color to it. It is super easy to use and it gives light fluttery strokes to fill it in and a marker side to draw the lines if you aren’t that blessed with brows.

My rating is:
This is a 4 and a half rating for me.There is something off for me which is the price as I’m sure they are more affordable options out there. Other than that I really like it and it really does it job well. It passes all my standards but I haven’t been doing y brows long enough to have standards but so far so good and they do a great job making my brows look somewhat decent.

That is it for my first brow product review. I now get the brow hype and it does make a difference. I thought before it was nothing but nicely shaped brows, a good lip color is my go to look right now for everyday. I really like Happy Skin and been loving a few of their products and may need to do more reviews. Also if you want to support local brands they are amazing and have been
my brand crush at the moment and I really want to get their newly
released matte lippies. They do ship internationally if you are really
interested. I hope this was helpful and let me know what you do for your brows and how you maintain them.

What is your favorite brow product?

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  1. Rhiannon Pulling
    May 17, 2016 / 6:22 am

    Brows are so important nowadays! I always use a pencil or powder, but it's hard to find one which matches my colouring x Everything But The Kitchen

  2. Hannah Usher
    May 17, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    This product looks amazing, but unfortunately it's a bit out of my budget! Definitely one for me to look at when I've got some more funds!Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

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