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Rediscovery Favorites

Happy May! It is May and my birthday month is sadly over. It was fun though and I have a lot of exciting things this month too. I am making it a goal to try and do all twelve months of my favorites because they are so fun to write and so far I’ve done 4 out of 12. I think I’ll congratulate myself when we reach June though since that is the half way point. As for April it was the month of makeup bits and since I was bored and had nothing better to do I played with makeup I had in my collection. So let’s get on with part four of my favorites this year.


Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

I was never much for primer before but lately I noticed my foundation has been wearing off and I get so shiny from being oily and sweaty from the humidity. So I remembered I had one lying around somewhere and I tried it and it made such a difference. I am really into the matte effect with everything from lips too nails and now foundation. It’s been great for me so far and might have to give it a proper review on it soon.

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet

This has been such a great product for me this month. It is so versatile and perfect for taking with me. I just did a review on this here and so far it has to be my go to product. The blush has been a great color all throughout the month and it is a really nice bronzer shade that gives an amazing all over glow. I use the highlight as a brightening color on my brow bone and it gives the perfect color for me.

Happy Skin Eye Love View Eyebrow Pencil in Chic Brown

I think this has got to be my absolute favorite of my favorites this month. I recently got my eyebrows done at Benefit for my birthday. I was not much for doing my brows a lot because they get so long and so thick real quick that I just brush them through. Ever since I got them done though and they are thinner and nicely shaped I thought I would do and grab this that was hiding in my makeup drawer. At first I wasn’t sure but eventually I got a little hang of it and just fill them in. I’ still not the best at it but practice makes perfect and this was the perfect product to begin with. I will have a review up on it soon so stay tuned for that but right now it is amazing and made me love doing my brows.


Creamsilk Leave in Conditioner

This has been a hair lifesaver for me and it does such a good job. It leaves the hair so soft and so manageable afterwards. It does a great job and I just love the scent of this.

Model’s Own Hot Stuff Nail Polish

If I could find my perfect nai color at the moment it is this. I put it over any polish and it just becomes so sparkly and fun to look at. I don’t have a glitter like it so it is just so nice seeing it shine in the sun light. I have a nail post on it here if you want to see all the prettiest.

MAC Fix+ Spray

Last up is this and just like a primer I brought out my setting spray from my makeup class days. It makes such a difference and I use it before and after. I love how refreshing it is ad it totally helps with the hot weather and it just stays on your face longer. I think I discovered the perfect routine to make up last which is fantastic if you ask me.


Little Mix – Hair // Music

This has been my tune and I think I have strained my neck from flipping my hair so much. I love the original but this is amazing as well. I actually can’t wait to see them live this month and hear it for myself. I have turned into a massive fan and just can’t get enough. of them. I wish I had their ability to flip my hair and look good still or not get a headache when I do and I tel you it is talent. The music video for this was adorable and I ant a girl squad to call if I”m feeling down. If there are any volunteers please sign up below. Also I just want Perrie’s earrings from the video and look as good as her please. I don’t know what I’ll be loving next month in music but I have a feeling it will be one of their songs again after the concert.

Grey’s Anatomy // TV Show

Lately I went back to this show after a break from it but I got back into it and I got so into it. I kind of want to get into more medical hospital shows now after this. I don’t have many shows to watch at the moment which is really sad. I need to find one I can binge watch but I guess it’s kind of good not having many shows to keep up with at the moment because I get more work done. But a fun fact is
I actually couldn’t finish this blog post because of it and left it until now to write just to watch the latest episode when it came out.

That’s it for chapter 4 of my monthly favorites. I was quite fond with this months favorite. I’m sure I’ll be having some more favorite as I did a little beauty splurge recently and I’m really excited to try them. I have been kind of put off and exploring my own collection for a while and as you can see it paid off but I think after a long strict spending ban I have picked up a few things that I will hopefully enjoy. So hope you enjoyed this month’s and see you again next month

What have you discovered recently in your collection you ended up loving?

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  1. louise
    May 4, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    The BYS Contour Trio looks so pretty! I love Greys Anatomy too x Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  2. Cat
    May 9, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    I love that Models Own nail polish šŸ™‚ so cute xwww.hello-cat.blogspot.com

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