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Happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since I have done a wish list and I was in the mood to show off a few things that I’ve been coveting in the hair extension department. My hair is getting quite long but it still isn’t in perfect condition and is quite thin because I inherited my family’s thin hair gene. So I wanted to do something about it and try to take care of it and to learn how to style it better as well and maybe try out some extensions for a few special events I have coming up to maybe boost my look. Here are a few things I’d like to start getting on pay day.

Since I want to invest in is some hair extensions. I’ve been thinking about it and checking out different options but I think I was mostly looking at human hair wefts. I see there are a lot of options out there and there are ones like hair wefts and also 100% hair weave as well. I do like an ombre option too because I am totally not into dying my real hair so this might be fun. I have pretty thin hair even thought it is quite long but I thought with a few occasion coming up this will give me some volume. I just need to keep up with my research of which ones to get.

There are so many different things to try on the site and I’m sure something for everyone. I love options so plenty of ones to choose from is a plus in my book. There are many styles and types and are all 100% which I wouldn’t want anything less. My picks are either the wefts or an ombre weft especially summer coming up and I don’t want to committing to a color and have it temporary. 

That is all on my hair wish list at the moment. I’m hoping to get my hair a little healthier so it is easy to style this summer and I don’t have to sport a ponytail all the time. I feel like I’ve been paying attention to buying a lot of clothes and makeup lately so I think I should be investing in more hair stuff. Let me know what your favorite item in your hair care routine is and what things would you add.

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What kind of hair extensions have you been eyeing up?

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