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Pop to the Soda Shop

Happy Monday! It’s Mani Monday yet again but what makes this one extra exciting is I finally tried my first Models Own nail polish. Ever since I started blogging and reading blogs I have seen this nail polish featured and see the pretty colors and all kinds of good things about this brand but never got to try it because I couldn’t buy it here or I couldn’t get it shipped to me because it isn’t allowed for some reason. So I waited and lusted and this just got put on to my “brand to try” wish list and hoped one day all these brands I see on my favorite blogs will come to Manila or I’ll find a site that had cheap shipping. Well that day came and on the website, I was ordering one of their BYS Special Edition boxes which you can see that unboxing here and on the homepage they were also having a sale for buy one get one Models Own nail polishes and then I knew it was fate and I quickly popped it in my basket with the box and happily ever after I had them in my hands. Now today it is my turn to talk about Models Own polish so here it is.

I was so
excited to try not one but two colors but for now I am talking about Soda Shop.
There was a lot of color combos but I got went with this as I could never go wrong with my go to pink. I can describe the color as a light pastel pink shade and is such a lovely Spring color. I
can’t get enough of pastels and pinks the most so I knew going for this I wouldn’t regret it. Even though I have three colors like this now that I bought in a row I feel this is becoming a signature shade and the last one I blogged about was from BYS in Baby Bloom which if you missed that it is here.

Here is the polish on my nails and it is so nice. I had very good first impressions with this polish and I am so glad because I read so many good things and then finally when I tried it and I would like it that would be pretty disappointed but luckily it was all good. It applied beautifully and in just 2 coats it was opaque and very shiny. The picture above is it without a topcoat and it looks so good. The only problem is if you apply it too thick which I accidentally did and it became streaky but it fixed it by a very light coat and a top coat. That was my initial reaction and it was pretty good and I’m gad I ended up enjoying it.

| Models Own Soda Shop // Orly FlexiGel Top Coat |

It had nice wear time and this had three coats. I usually always apply 3 coats with any polish because I like the overall result it gives. It is a nice opaque pastel pink and a nice base color for maybe my Easter nails. It is coming off quite light but it actually is a medium pink I think in the sunlight. It’s flattering, nice to apply and I love the thin brush it has. I am convinced and see why I read so many nice things about it. I am already shopping to add more colors to my collection. I think right now I am looking at some summer shades like a coral and hot pink.

It’s just a nice feeling trying a brand you have been lusting after and been reading about for so long. I made it my goal to try new brands that I haven’t tried and I’m still sticking to it. I think slowly but surely a lot of sites are stocking more and more international brands and also I have discovered Instagram stores which I am still thinking about if they are worth it but now it is getting easier and I’m so excited for the possibility now.I also published a guide to a few sites for purchasing beauty products like this so you can see that here. I really liked trying this and let me know what brand you wanted to try and have been lusting after. So cheers to me trying my first Models Own nail polish. Until next Mani Monday!

What nail polish brand are you wanting to try next?

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  1. Lizzie Williams
    March 7, 2016 / 8:12 pm

    I love the colour of this polish; perfect for spring! I've never tried any Model's Own polishes. I might have to pick one up sometime and have a try myself x

  2. Paula Ulloa
    March 8, 2016 / 1:24 am

    That colour is so cute! I love it for spring! xxPauli

  3. La Coco Noire
    March 8, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    SUCH a lush colour…especially for spring! I usually use Loreal Color Riche nail polishes but I already own all the colours and want some more pastel shades…going to go online shopping with models own tonight I think! xx

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