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Happy Monday! I was feeling extra sparkly this week and so I thought it was about time I tried the second polish I bought from Model’s Own. I was going to wait for summer but I think Manila has already started summer since it has been so hot lately and I have to blast the air conditioning in my bedroom 24/7 or I think I’ll die from the heat. Since it being so warm out I thought a bright manicure might match the mood and it has and a little sparkle always brightens up a dull day. I just posted about these matte nails I did last tie and added a sparkly touch to it this week. So here is Hot Stuff on my nails and how much I love it and how glittery it is.

I got the nail polish “Hot Stuff” to match with Soda Pop when I bought the set online. I saw it is from the Mirrorball collection that has 5 other glitter top coat polishes.This has small red glitter mixed with different shaped rainbow effect glitter pieces that changes the color of the bigger glitter. It also has bigger fuchsia glitter, gold squares, random pink shards and
big silver diamonds with a holo effect. The squares are a little
smaller, but you can see them. Since Easter is coming up it sort of reminds me of those candies and chocolates like the speckled eggs and I love that about it. The small flecks of glitter it gives creates that lovely speckled effect on the nail. It also reminds me of confetti which is like a mini celebration on your nails all the time.

It is really pretty, it applies nicely and dries super fast. There is however one drawback with these and it is the smell of it! It’s a very strong and unpleasant smell and if you don’t like the smell of chemical nail polish then it might annoy you but I actually quite like it. The smell lingered in my room hours after I applied it so either do it outside or in a ventilated room because you will surely regret it.

| BYS Nail Lacquer in Matte Pink | Model’s Own – Hot Stuff | Orly Gel Top Coat |

It applied very easily and I’m wearing two coats of BYS Matte Pink underneath because I wanted that hot pink under this and this is the color I am in love with and thought they’d look great together and they do. I have a similar look I did before using different polishes called Barbie Sparkles which is my favorite combo on my nails that you can see here. This is two coats applied so the density of the glitter is thicker but I wanted a lot because the more glitter the better in my opinion. It’s nice that you can apply it from the brush or fish it out to place it on individually. It sometimes stuck to the brush but only if you grab too much which I sometimes did. On some nails it had to be placed on the nail to be distributed
evenly and to not make it so messy and make the glitter look nice scattered instead of a big clump in the middle. The last thing I noticed was the clear polish can be quite sticky and thick if it is applied wrong and maybe if you have the problem put it on a sponge and dab it on. For me that is too much work so I use the brush and then a toothpick to scatter the big pieces where I want.

That was my Mani Monday for this week. Let me know what sparkly nails you love and if you brought out any bright colors in your collection. I’d really like to try more of the glitters in the collection as I was reading reviews and they all look so pretty and fun to wear. I think I have y eyes on the pink and gold one right now. I hope you liked this and I’d love to know what is currently on your nails for this week.

What is your favorite color for a glitter polish?

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  1. Beckie
    March 21, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    Your nails look beautiful!!

  2. ►Nadush
    March 22, 2016 / 3:50 pm


  3. Michaela Scalisi
    March 22, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    What an amazing color :DBest Michaela

  4. Mlle Coconath
    March 23, 2016 / 3:41 am

    So pretty!xxMademoiselle Coconath

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