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Happy Saturday! I’ve discovered online shopping! I might be a little late to the bandwagon but I have fallen head over heels with shopping in the online world. I think it is the greatest thing ever now and I feel like I am getting a Christmas present in the mail every time I receive a package or a parcel comes in. I mean I know what’s inside but the thrill is clearly not going away and the fascination is still there. Maybe I was so hesitant because 1) I thought shipping was going to be so expensive and 2) I didn’t want to let go of actually go into a store and seeing it in person. I guess it’s like the real books vs. ebooks which is another debate for a different blog post. With the stress of the Manila traffic and sometimes not wanting to leave the house I think it is well worth it to just wait for it to come. Also I figured out the shipping fee is not so bad and can range from 100-150php since I live out in the countryside. So since discovering the joys of not leaving my home or my pajamas for that matter to shop I created a little guide of a few places to buy beauty products online locally and maybe you too and get the excitement I get from it.

| glamourbox.ph |

This is definitely a great site. I’ve
ordered a few beauty boxes from them and I always look forward to
receiving them. They also sell amazing products from a lot of brands I
always wanted to try and I have picked some of those up too and not just
their boxes. I like that you can earn points and add them up to get a
discount later on when you earn enough. I got some Model’s Own nail polish which that post will be up soon and I am eyeing a few more things like Ciate next. The shipping was fast and it came in 2 days which I expected and also was packaged nice so the products wouldn’t break and had bubble wrap to keep them extra secure during delivery.

| beautymnl.com |

This is a rather new one and I discovered this through a few blogger friends. I then fell in love and browsed the whole site picking what I wanted. What I love is that there are a few international brands like Tarte and Laura Mercier which I really want to try but they have a mix of high end and drugstore also some local brands in there too which is a great mix. The shipping was reasonable and I love the parcel it comes in as it is so cute and has their logo and everything on it. I sometimes go back once a day to see if there have anything new as I really like buying from there and you can get lost with all that’s available.

| sephora.ph |

I freaked out when I learned about this. I woke up and it was trending on Twitter and I did a little happy dance. Even though it used to be Luxola and is now Sephora it still is a little like the real deal. They sell a lot of Sephora makeup just not the whole line up which I was sad at first but there are still a few great gems in there to go crazy after. This site has so many different products that I want to buy that I might
go broke. They have mostly everything on my wishlist and have so many
good brands I love and want to try.

| dtcmakeup.com |

I always seem to be perusing their site and to be lusting over all the NYX stuff that I really want to try. They have Cherry Lashes which I have been eyeing as they are quite popular and I would like to order me some to try myself. I discovered it I think from a friend on Facebook and I think there are quite a few but this was the one I have tried so far. It was standard 2 day delivery and quite good that I got everything okay.

| zalora.com |

This has to be the best one so far for me. I am so amazed and the shipping was so fast. As I said I live not so far from the city but it is considered to be provincial so I have to pay more which I find very unfair but I have to live with for now. I ordered something at 1am on a Monday and got my stuff the next day in the afternoon. I now if I am ever in a rush then this will be reliable unless something goes wrong like a storm or a holiday but other than that I was really shocked with the speed and I am so happy with everything. They don’t just have beauty items but a full on store full of stuff so I really like it and might be putting more stuff on my with list for my birthday coming up and also my dad’s.

| shopback.ph |

This last one is not really a buy from site but one of those buy through them and get money back sort of deals. They have a lot of sits to choose from and they also have Zalora (offering up to 12% cashback) and Sephora (offering up to 5% cashback) so double use for me. I find these things to be quite cool and I’ve seen a lot of apps that do this but never knew there was one here so that is nice there is one here.  It’s  great little system to try and I quite like using it and it isn’t hard at all. I thought I would mention it in case anyone wanted to try it out and are big fans of online shopping like I’ve become.

I’m sure there are a lot more so I will be leaving this as part 1. If I discover anymore and try them out I’ll be sure to be doing more and more as the list grows. I do have quite a lot of products so maybe I can do an online beauty haul pretty soon and show all the things I ordered from a lot of these.

I know this is all based in the Philippines but I am going to do my favorite international beauty retailer sites soon. I just shop here the most because the shipping is either free or very cheap and I am not spending more money on shipping than the actually product so this usually solves my problem. If you do know any sites that offer free international shipping than I would love to know so I can spend more of my money on beauty products. I also might have stumbled upon a few online fashion places to shop so look out for maybe a fashion related guide coming to you soon. I hope anyone found this helpful and might be wanting to join in on all the online fun as well.

*I was invited by ShopBack to review their site.

What is you favorite online beauty retailer in the PH?

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  1. MeMe Books
    March 6, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Thanks for this, I love online shopping but I am simple and stick with Amazon and such.Meme xxNew post:'What Big Eye's You Have//Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway*www.thedayinthelifeof.co.uk

  2. Laura.
    March 8, 2016 / 5:52 pm

    I already use a few of these, nice to see them hereAnything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  3. Little Kaatie
    April 3, 2016 / 1:05 am

    oh these sound lovely!! Wish they were available in the UK! Katiewww.littlekaatie.com x x

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