Collective Plus Size Fashion Haul & Try-On

Friday Fashion Haulin’

Happy Friday! I filmed my first fashion haul and that was quite exciting so I thought I would share with you a few of the items I bought. This was some shopping I did back in January and February and some of it was because I wanted to buy a few extra things for my Valentine’s Day lookbook which you can watch that here. There I featured some of the pieces I bought and already have worn now which I have linked to in this post. So here is the collective haul and I try some of the stuff on in the video here or watch it down below.


| leggings | sweatpants {similar} | top |

Since a H&M just opened close to me of course the first thin I had to do was browse. This was back in January and I decided to pick up some snowflake print sweat pants for around the house and to be comfy in. Next is a top that was in the Christmas collection that I really wanted and it was in the sale section so when I found it I had to get it because it has a giant sequin bow and I loved it. Recently I needed a new pair of leggings so I picked up just their basic leggings in the thick style and I am in love with them and they are just so comfy and you can see an outfit post of me wearing them here. I have to go back and see what else I can look for as I’m really liking the style of clothing and it is something different for once.

Forever 21

| midi skirt | navy skirt | metallic bodycon dress | star lounge shorts | red lace dress | fashion blogger tee |

If you couldn’t tell by my outfit pictures and previous haul blog posts then you might not know that Forever21 is my favorite store. When I first moved here I struggled to find any clothes to fit me but luckily a lot of stores carry plus sizes now which I am lucky. The first I discovered was Forever 21 but I really liked them when I lived in the US back then. I ended up picking up a lot of things like two skirts, two dresses which I wore one here, a pair of lounge wear shorts and lastly a tee that says fashion blogger which I just wore in my latest outfit pictures here. They always have the cutest things and my perfect aesthetic with clothing so I always find something I end up liking.


| Heels |

Another store that I love because they have my size and quite reasonable and cute looking shoes. I don’t have a pair of black heels and wanted a cute pair so I was eyeing these online. When I went in store and they had the same shoe and in my exact size it was destiny. they were on sale which was another plus for me. I have wore them in several outfit pictures now so if you want to see how I style them casually here or dressed up here.


| Model’s Own nail polish | Maybelline mascara |

A sneaky beauty haul I added which was in the bottom of one of the bags which I guess I wanted to add in back when I bought everything. There was a deal for buy one get one free on Model’s Own nail polish which I just feature one of them here for a Mani Monday. The last beauty bit was a popular Maybelline Mascara that I really wanted to try and ended up loving and it was in my recent monthly favorites here.


| earrings | bracelet | top | bag |

This was the reason my shopping spree initially happened. Some of it was bought weeks before but this started a few extra bits and that was because my lookbook I had planned. I went on to the site for a hot pink bag and ended up find this gorgeous one and then the browsing happened and I bought these earrings and saw this bracelet in the recommend items and love how they matched so into my basket it went. Last was a top I thought looked really pretty and wanted to try out the site’s plus size range and this was the top I got attracted to. The shipping was fast and everything came nice and packaged. I’m totally going to go online shopping there again.

Curve Couture 

| tulle skirt |

I don’t know how long I have been obsessing and eyeing tulle skirts online but the shipping here was more than the actual skirt so I was going to give up until I found this online Instagram store and contacted the and the rest is history. It was perfect for the look I was trying to style in my head and came just in time for me to film the lookbook. It is an amazing skirt and wish it came in more colors as I absolutely love it and as I said in the video it is my favorite purchase of the whole haul. If you want to see it in an outfit post you can find it here and see it in all it’s princess glory.

Those are the pieces I picked up. You may have already seen some of them styled and being featured already but that’s because I was slacking and it took forever to get the editing right for the video after being so used to just pictures only. I enjoyed filming this and you can watch the whole video here to see everything I bought. Let me know anything you picked up lately and what spring pieces you are adding to your wardrobe.

What have you picked up from your favorite shop recently?

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  1. Mlle Coconath
    March 18, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    Cute finds!xx

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    March 18, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Really lovely outfits, I love H&M.Meme xxNew Post:Five Benefits Of Cricket Flour That May Change Your Perspective // Crobar Review*

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