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Edge of Paradise

Happy Saturday! I’m on a roll with my outfits lately and though it’s part of a lookbook I’m surprised how many turned out when I was filming and taking photos of the outfit at once. So this was the third one I styled and it is a more comfortable one by far. My outfit is on the edgier side but of course with a touch of my regular girly style at the same time. I had saw an outfit similar to this on twitter by a celebrity (which I
didn’t know who she was) and wanted to recreate it and I don’t do that
often. I wanted to make this year trying more styles and you know I am
quite girly and trying edgy was really fun. I mean it isn’t totally out
there edgy but it has my twist which I like that about it.

For my outfit I went with a red top the old cliche color to wear and it was supposed to be a red crop top like what she wore but I didn’t have one and this is the closest thing I had but it went for the vibe I was going for. Next was a simple white cardigan on top of that maybe because it was cold but I clearly didn’t need one that day and good thing it was a light one. Again, I need to invest in a good pair of black skinny jeans and ones with the ripped knees because I really want to try them myself and everyone seems so cool in them and I just want a pair okay. So I go with leggings to be comfortable instead. Lastly, black ballet flats, my everyday bag, a white necklace to tie in the white cardigan and to finish it off and put my girly touch I tied a red ribbon in my hair.   

| cardigan: Forever 21 Basics, top: H&M, leggings: H&M, bag: Dresslink*,
necklace: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side |

I loved how simply styled this went together and the touch of edgy vibes of it. I guess I should get inspiration from outfits I see others wear because it really does help and you can see what you already have in a new light like I did. I’ve been having a fun time doing little updates at ends of these so I thought I’ll continue. I finished the TV show I talked about in my last post and might have to write about my feelings in a separate one because I go talk about it for days. If I am not blogging I’m usually catching up on my Netflix and next on my list is Grey’s Anatomy and I might be starting Fuller House soon. I was supposed to get a haul video up but the editing was bad on it and the try on part is blurry so it’s back to re-filming that and hopefully next week I can seriously have it done. I’m such a perfectionist and if one thing is not right I won’t be happy with it up. I like all my content to make me feel warm and excited to publish and if it doesn’t then it will bug me and won’t make me happy. Are any of you like that? It is such a pain and not just my work but everything I do. It was very bad in school so now that it is not just a hobby anymore I like things to be 100% or even more if it can be. I’m hoping it will be up soon but in the meantime it’s back to work on it. Well hope you liked this outfit and let me know who has been your style icon at the moment.

What places do you get your fashion inspiration from?

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