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Happy Wednesday! I’m so happy to share a blush that I’ve been loving in the past few months. I finally got a chance to share it with you and give you my thoughts and why exactly I love this blush duo. It is one of my favorite colors and I have just fallen in love with the quality and a lot about it. This blush is just too pretty and the colors are spot on my favorites either to wear or just in general. The pigmentation is great, nice packaging and is pretty affordable so all a win in my book. So here are all my thoughts on the product and a review on how much I enjoyed this blush.

Add a pop of pink to those cheeks with this versatile blush duo.
BYS says //
With a choice of 2 shades from this BYS Blush Duo you can create the style you want easily. The blush comes in a lovely coral and bright pink shade, great for Spring/Summer.

The packaging is quite simple with this. It comes with 5 grams of product and that’s pretty good for the price. The whole compact is acrylic plastic and pretty durable and doesn’t feel cheap at all. I haven’t drop tested it as I don’t know who would but it seems pretty strong. The lid is clear so you can easily see the colors so it gives you easy access to choose what shade you are looking for without having to open it. I actually like that and when products have that than it is much easier for me and if you end up having a lot of them than it can be so quick to reach for. Lastly there is one pan of product inside split in half for each of he colors. It isn’t that thick or heavy so really travel friendly so that means it can pop into any makeup and since it is a blush duo you can bring two blushes with you in one compact. On the back of the compact you can find all the information on it. The ingredients are on there to have a browse if you were curious and the size and also the color which took me a while to find so that was the only thing I didn’t like since it was a little small and not too noticeable. The only bad thing I should complain is that it can be difficult to open as it doesn’t have a notch to lift. That’s one downside to the packaging.

According to their site there are 3 color options in total. I have 03 Miss Pink but there is also 01 Paint it Pink and 02 Colour Me Happy. I think this is the lightest option so if you don’t like very bold colors than this is perfect for those not so daring with color like me. These at first scared me because I am none for my light pinks and light to medium corals but never a hot pink even though it is my favorite color. It is true that you should step out and once I did I fell in love with the colors offered in the duo. The first is a light baby ballet pink as I describe it. I think it says to be a bright pink with blue undertone to it. It is so pretty and just a nice flush of color to the cheeks. The second color is the darker one and is a nice deep pink with a hint of a berry tone to it but also a reddish pink. It’s the first color I own like it and as I said I was scared as it seemed so dark but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and is very controllable. Also both of the colors are matte and have no shimmer so it’s nice since I don’t have much like these.

I was hoping the pigmentation would be a bit better for the pale pink. I do wish that both would be as opaque when applied. Luckily it is buildable and while the pale pink is sheerer, it is conveniently can be packed on to a more pigmented finish without being too cakey. The bright pink, on the other hand, is highly pigmented but can be diffused to give a natural pop of pink on the cheeks. Both blushes have their individual strengths but one fun thing is they can blend together. I love the combination of these two colors together. They work great together and also alone which is a wonderful bonus so you technically get three colors out of this.

This swatch was done using my finger then applied to my inner wrist. The lighter pink looks a bit more powdery than that of the deeper pink shade. Also the lighter pink had to be swiped more to get it be more opaque. Of course I was expecting this so I didn’t set high hopes for that. The darker pink was nicely pigmented and with one swath it had beautiful color already but I built it up a little more to really show of the color. As for when on the cheek it doesn’t need that much unless you want to but for swatch purposes I built them both up. The light pink is sheerer and required more than one slide on the finger to get the color I desired for the swatches but on application a good swirl did the trick.When I swatch using my
fingers it is quite smooth and not at all powdery even though it is
matte.The brighter pink is just so pretty and has amazing pigmentation.

Both blushes just feels nice on the skin. When applied it doesn’t feel heavy or like I am wearing blush or something on my face. It instantly brings color my cheeks and brings life back so I don’t look so plain. Even with it being affordable,
this blush did not made my skin break out or cause any irritation I have noticed. I’m not highly sensitive so it might work differently on others but for me no side effects. With the colors I’m sure it can work on other skin tones both warm and cool which
means that it may work for almost everyone. I apply this to my cheeks with an angle blush brush and blend it out with a big fluffy blush especially the darker pink as it needs to blended out even more if you apply too much. There is a little powdery fallout but i can be swiped away easily after application.

Overall Experience

I think I like it! Both blushes are really lovely to work with and also with practice you can learn how to use it with different levels of opaqueness. It’s really versatile that way and can different looks with just this blush duo. The pigmentation between both blushes is not exactly consistent but they are both workable and can be used together or separate to achieve a variety of looks for what you are looking for that day.

It checks out on all the criteria of a good blush for me.

My rating is:
This is a good blush duo that you can invest on because you can
have three shades of blushes in one compact case. It is pretty affordable and is easy to blend and has nice pigmentation. It can have some fall out with application but that doesn’t bother me too much. I give it a four because it wasn’t perfect for me and had a few faults but nothing enough for me to be too harsh and not like it. I like it and would recommend it if your in need of a new blush to try.

2 blush shades in 1. (3 if you mix them together)
The brighter pink blush is very pigmented!
Price is affordable.
No allergic reactions.

Can mess up if not applied correctly due to its heavy pigmentation.
A little powdery and fallout with aplication.
Packaging being difficult to open.

I think the photograph well and it has it’s pros and cons as I explained but overall I still think it is a pretty good blush for it’s price and the quality surpassed what I had hoped for. I would recommend it and might buy another in a different shade if I need a new blush. If you want a face of the day with me using these then let me know. I’m sure I will be doing one as I do want to show it off on the cheeks as well. I hope this was a helpful review and I explained all my thoughts on it. Let me know if you’ve tried it or it made you want to try a new blush!

What is the brightest blush color you’ve tried?

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  1. Jordan Hathaway
    February 3, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    This looks so pretty. Your photography is amazing. xJordan Alice

  2. Shasha
    February 4, 2016 / 10:39 am

    the colors look amazing! brightest blush color i've ever tried was hot pink~

  3. Roses and Rain Boots
    February 4, 2016 / 11:01 pm

    Great review of a new blush to try! I especially love that you include the pro's and con's! XO, Lauren

  4. Life's a shoe
    February 4, 2016 / 11:24 pm

    This is such a pretty color! !loving it!lifeisashoe

  5. Vivi K.
    February 8, 2016 / 7:34 am

    Wow it looks super bright, useful for a Monday morning crisis when u need that extra glow 😉

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