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Happy Friday! Well it’s time for another outfit. It’s far more glam than my last outfit for sure. I decided to get dressed up because leggings and a tank top is way too basic for the event I attended. I forgot to mention this is what I wore to the BDJ and L’oreal event that I posted here if you missed it. Now after taking these all I want to do is shoot more and I
don’t know how many times I mention how much I love shooting these. I am so in love with this outfit and how I styled it and I know I raved about it enough. So enough with my babbling and show you my outfit which I am so in love with if you haven’t noticed already.

For my outfit I wanted to play with my style this year and mix and match the clothes I have in my wardrobe. I want to try something new and so I thought of this. I wore this skirt once for my Christmas look book you can read here and watch here but that was it as I didn’t know what I could style with it besides a black top. Since I’m currently kind of apartment hunting and looking for interior inspiration while browsing Pinterest and coming up with a color scheme which by the way I decided on already. Then I got inspired by the colors I choose which was to mix gold, black and blush pink together creating this outfit. At first I wasn’t sure and then it worked. I picked this lace crop top and I like how the pattern and texture mix and in fashion school I learned to try and experiment with mixing the two. Then it all came together with my black everyday bag with gold detailing on my accessories and even shoes matched. I love the combination and how it all turned out and all the colors blended together perfectly. Plus I think the backdrop just randomly ties it together.   

| top: SM Woman +, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Dresslink*, shoes: Montego Bay Club,
bow: Forever 21, bracelets: Claire’s,
nails: BYS Baby Bloom, lipstick: L’oreal Colour Riche in Crayon Sunset |

Besides the new style I tried with this outfit I added light waves to my hair instead of the curls I usually go for. Also the lighting you can really see my natural hair color which I have natural honey blondish brown highlights and a red tint in it and no I have never dyed my hair. I guess it doesn’t really come across sometimes in photographs unlike here it did. Next I went for a very neutral makeup look and pulled off a nude lip an actual matte nude lip. I said I wanted to be adventurous and this to me is the start of that. I think I was just inspired by the new year and trying all kinds of new things.

Also this was such a fun day and it has been a while since I had a really great day. I needed to shoot this and we randomly stumbled upon this background and when I saw it I knew it was perfect. The lighting was amazing and it wasn’t very populated. I love how I can find a background that matches perfectly with my outfit. It just fits into place sometimes and it is like fate or something because I usually never plan the locations and it just sometimes just happens so I am calling this an amazing coincidence. I’m really happy with the way they turned out so I hope that means I will be doing a lot more fun shoots this year so I’m crossing my fingers. Someday I can really take pictures in front of the real Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you love the outfit as much as I do.

What new thing are you trying this year?

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  1. Zya and Daizy
    January 22, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    You look gorgeous! I love your nails, they're such a pretty shade xxxlovely post,

  2. La Coco Noire
    January 24, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    I love absolutely everything about this post. The outfit is stunning and you look so beautiful little lady. That skirt!! Love love love.

  3. Hollie Garner
    January 25, 2016 / 6:20 pm

    ah you look so gorgeous hunni,i love your skirt and it goes sp well with your lovely top,great post sweetie xx

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