L’oreal Loot Bag Haul

What’s inside the Lot Bag?

Happy Wednesday! I’m here with another loot bag haul. To follow up Monday’s event recap post I promised you I would show you the loot bag I received as promised.There were a lot of goodies inside and you guessed it by the title and the picture it was filled with quite a few L’oreal hair-care and skincare products. So let me show you exactly what I got and my initial thoughts on everything!

First up is the skincare products. The first thing was the L’oreal White Beauty Moisturizing Day Cream. This has SPF 17 in it and is another day cream. Ever since I started receiving multiple day creams lately from events of loot bags like this I have been quite fascinated and really into them. I went from zero day creams to now having a variety to choose from. It looks like this one has whitening technology which I don’t feel like I need but it doesn’t hurt to maybe lighten up a bit. I think I will be excited to trial this and see how well it does and maybe if I end up loving this I will add it to a favorites or do a separate review. Next is the L’oreal White Perfect Brightening and Moisturizing Toner. I don’t really use toners because it sometimes stings my face and then I get scared so I’m not sure about this yet. It is a nice size and love the packaging especially the metallic blue. At first I didn’t know it was a toner but something else until I actually read it. The last skincare product is the L’oreal White Perfect Purifying Milky Foam. This seems more up my street and I never used a facial foam before. I tried a facial wash and scrub but not a foam so I hope it is foamy and is nice on the skin. It looks interesting and has a nice big bottle too. I’ll let you know when I try it and how I like it in another post after testing it out as well. That was all the skincare that came in the loot bag and it was nice getting a full set to try out.

As for the hair-care that came inside. So since there was a hair coloring workshop as well as the makeup one by L’oreal they provided a hair dye box with a shampoo and conditioner set. First is the L’oreal Excellence Fashion Hair Dye 6.13 Golden Nude Brown which by the way I learned about and what the numbers mean now so I am not as clueless as I was before. It seems like a nice color and something I already have in my hair. I don’t think I will use this as I don’t dye my hair so I don’t know what I will be doing with this quite yet. I did her great things about it at the seminar and seems good for your hair and stuff but it isn’t my thing so I’ll kee it for now or maybe ship it to my cousin since she loves trying new hair colors. I guess to match the hair dye we have the L’oreal Color-Vive Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. This is for keeping your hair color longer right? I think so but as I said I still havemy natural hair color so I didn’t ever have to use a shampoo set like this. It comes in full size and smells nice so I give it that. I did hear they have a chemical and natural shampoo range so that I might be interested n and checking out instead because I still do want to try some of their hair care since I have not tried it before. If you did dye your hair than I think this is a fabulous set to receive in a loot bag and I would be so excited if otherwise. 

That was everything in the loot bag. I was quite happy and everything was full size and a range of different stuff to try. I guess I don’t mind the hair dye stuff but I don’t have any choice do I. It was a nice gesture and really nice for BDJ and L’oreal to give us this stuff. I can still use a few things in here and don’t worry the hair dye stuff is not going to go to waste. I hope you enjoyed this little loot bag haul of the year. Let me know if you have tried any of L’oreal’s products or even makeup. I really want to buy some more of their makeup too especially their lipsticks and as I said the hair care stuff meant for my hair type. Next up is what I wore to the BDJ event coming on Friday so check back for that as it is a good one!

What is your favorite L’oreal product you tried?

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  1. Tania Bunic
    January 20, 2016 / 3:56 pm

    Loving your picks. My favourite at the moment is Loreal Elvve Extraordinary Oil xhttp://thelondonthing.co.uk/

  2. Sharmeyne Bontigao
    January 21, 2016 / 12:47 am

    Wow BDJ is really having an upgrade on their lootbags. So sad I was late during the event so I planned not to go šŸ™

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