Hello 2016 Goodbye 2015 | New Year Resolutions

Hello 2016 Goodbye 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it is 2016. I know cliche but I seriously can;t cope. Last night at my family’s annual NYE party I stopped and had deja vu and swear I was just here doing the same exact thing that time last year. It is so strange and a weird feeling but alas it is true and it is again the new year. I seem to have made it a tradition to do these goal posts and to be honest they really do help and putting them out there I guess somehow motivates me and I do them. First I give a recap of last year’s and then I will give my new list. So here’s to the new year…cheers!

My 2014 Goals & Recap
















Total: 14/15

I can say I did pretty good this year and accomplished almost all of my goals which is surprising. I feel bad that I didn’t finish one of them but I put it back on my goals for 2016 and hopefully I can do it this year. I ended up fishing my 2nd Nano in a row which again I am so proud off. I did travel more but only locally which was such a fun trip. I did a travel diary of it and need to do something like that this year. I made sure of doing this and bought a lot of notebooks. I still wrote things on my iPad but made sure to write blog things in my blog notebook. The next one I did more photography because I got a new camera and having a DSLR made it funner to practice and if I didn’t use that I took pictures with my new iPhone 6. I was far more organized than last year and hope to continue and bought a few stationery bits to help more with that. I guess I was pretty good at wearing makeup and used it more. This I was happy I got to try a few more brands than I thought I was going to and might have to add this again to discover even more brands. I did add a lot more clothes to my collection like a little black dress, the perfect skinny jeans and a lot of basic tops. If you see my outfit rewind than this will be obvious and I am proud that I completed this because I am a big fan of skirts and dresses now. I finished my fashion degree and it lead me to styling myself better so I focused on that. This one I give half and half. With some months i was pretty good but some I slacked so I give myself half credit because I did do it but not so consistently. Of course you can see I continued blogging and what adventure for 2015 in my little blog. The last one I doubted. I real thought I wouldn’t complete this one but I did and so happy I started. I didn’t know I would enjoy it but it is a fun project I started and it was worth putting myself out there. I am quite proud and feel accomplished I did that in 2015!

My 2016 Goals


01 | Publish stories on Wattpad or something similar
I had to carry this one over because I am determined to complete it this year. The writing isn’t the problem because I can finish writing a whole book with Nano but it is the next step the editing it and making it better stage where I seem to blank. I hope to try and get something out there in 2016.

02 | Enroll in a Masters degree
Out of all my goals this will be the biggest and I am so scared to write this. I want to get a master degree in creative writing and I want to go to University. I kind of hope I can do it but I am preparing myself that I will not do this so I won’t be too disappointed. I have done my research and made my choice it is just me actually enrolling and pushing myself to do it. Please wish me luck because this is a pretty big thing and hopefully next year I can cross it off the list.

03 | Perform in a dance recital
This is another one I hope to accomplish but might not. I want to perform at least once though because I miss it and it is a fun thing to do I feel like. I just need to start dancing dance classes again and then I would be able to complete it.

04 | Write in my planner
I got a nice planner for Chrsitmas so I want to make sure I utlize it every week this uear and not just have it be unused for the rest of the year. I also want to write things down more so its a two for one.

Beauty & Fashion

05 | Up my makeup game
By that I mean to try and experiment and put my makeup class into good use. I hope to do a few FOTD on my blog and film a few tutorials if I feel I am confident enough. I want to try and do those looks you see on instagram and pinterest and do them on myself and say that is makeup goals. It’s pretty simple and I hope to be able to do it.

06 | Try more makeup brands internaionally
I want to buy some makeup that isn’t available here and try some new brands. I did this goal last year but I put a twist this year to try some more international brands. 

07 | Find Black Skinny Jeans
I know this is random but I had a goal like this in 2013 I think to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans I was happy in. This time around I want to find the perfect pair of black skinny jeans I see everyone is wearing and find a pair I feel good and confident in. It is as simple as that.

08 | Try to take more outfit pictures
I want to beat last years number of outfits which was 38 so I hope this year I can beat it and showcase more outfits. I want to be motivated to even though I am not going somewhere important I want to get dressed up because that also helps make you confident and it is an opportunity to get pictures. 


09 | Make a decent income from blogging
I explain in detail un my 2015 look back post but I made a decent amount to buy myself an DSLR and buy a myself a few things so in 2016 I want to go above that. I think I am going it full time at this point so I want to just increase my earning and maybe start something on the side as well to help the goal.

10 | Grow my Youtube
I started last year so this year I want to grow it. I want to continue making videos and grow my channel. I had so much fun putting together videos and editing them so I just want to keep doing that. I’m not expecting anything but I just like the process and want to continue having fun with it.

11 | Update my social media
By this I hope to be active on Twitter, post more pictures on Instagram and update all my social networks as much as possible. I saw it really helps promote my blog so I want to make sure to schedule more tweets in case I don’t have time. It technically seems the same goal as last year but I want to maintain that so I will do it again.

That is all my resolutions and goals. It is a bit shorter this year but I made them more hefty so it can be more possible to try and do them. I was going for 16 goals but I feel for right now this is enough and it will be easier to achieve. I just want to set these goals up because I feel so happy that I am doing something to reach those goals and I am a firm believer in dreams coming true so this is always fun for me to do these things. I’d love to know if you accomplished your goals last year and what you are planning for this year. I hope when I do this post next year I can write I finished them.

“Today is the 1st day of 365 page book. Go write a good one!”

What do you see yourself doing in 2016?

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