BDJ x L’oreal New Look Beauty Soiree | Event Recap

New Year equals a New Look!

Happy Monday! I’m kicking off the year with my first event back. It was also called kick start your year so I had to make that intro. I kind of put off events last year and feel like I didn’t go to too many as I was busy with other stuff so I’m hoping this year I could start going again to more. But first here is my event recap of the day and more info and pictures. Since I know this will be quite long I am putting this under a read more.

BDJ x L’oreal New Look Beauty Soiree Event Recap

My first event for 2016 was with BDJ Box and L’oreal Philippines which was a Beauty Soiree. It was an event to inspire and kick start our new look and reveal a new self this year through the help of hairstyling and a makeup workshop! The event was held at the The Blackboard restaurant in Podium. I have been there before and since I have been there I didn’t get lost like the first time but I was almost slightly late since the traffic was absolutely terrible plus it was a holiday so getting there was a nightmare. I left really early so it wasn’t my fault but I got there at the perfect time and it turned out great. If you recognize the place it is also because I did an event recap of another beauty soiree by Pixy you can read back here.

There were two other BDJ Beauty Ministries: Valerie Tan and Kate Alvarez and also another blogger/youtuber Kristine Roces. They were the models for the second part of the workshop.

First part of the event was Hair Color 101. It was conducted by Ms. Wee Manansala of L’oreal Philippines. I learned so much and really got a grasp of hair color. I never color m hair but maybe in the future I will and this gave me some tips and I wrote down a few to remember them. I also didn’t know how much you can really learn and the differences in hair colors there were. It was really informative and she gave some great advice.

So in between that we were provided lunch or I guess early dinner by Blackboard which last time the food was so yummy and this time as well. I am glad they did kind of different but also similar food this time. Here was a pasta dish and it was a spaghetti something which had olives and a lot of spices in it which I enjoyed. Then there was a chicken wrap that had a dressing kid of sauce with a lot of cheese which I appreciate since I love cheese. I would say this was my favorite thing out of the three. Last was a ham and cheese bread roll which I know how to make but haven’t done it in a while so I mus get back into making these fun things. It is kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich but rolled in breadcrumbs and fried so kind of a fancier version of the grilled cheese. For the beverage we had this sweet black ice tea and it was kind of strong for me but once the ice melted in it i liked it better. I really liked the food and have to give props to the chef at Blackboard.

Next part of the soiree was Mr. Aiky Nar’s makeup workshop! He demonstrated 5 different looks to everyone so that we could try it later.

The first makeup look to  begin the workshop was the Modern Femininity. This involved a pretty simple makeup look and a nice updo. I love the hair in this and my hair kind of looked like this when I first went in so if I had picked this makeup look than my hair would be done. I love the little bits he left out for a messy sort of look. I think it was such a nice first look to learn. 

The second look was quite popular because a lot of the girls have jobs so the look was called Working Girl Chic. I liked the look and even though I don’t work in an office I liked how it turned out. The makeup was simple but a little bold because girls in offices need to be a little extra made up I see and it had a nice midtone lip. The hair was simple but pinned back perfect to keep out of the face. It was a really nice chic look.

The third one was called Youth Code and this is just a very young looking look. It has very fresh makeup sort of like the no makeup look and a braided half up and half down hairstyle to pair with it. I would have picked this as my second look as it is just the look I love doing on myself.

The second to last look we were taught was the Age of Innocence look which was the one I ended up choosing. I liked the simple look to it and thought it was easy. This one involved a dewy makeup base with thick lashes and a nude lip. The hair was just soft waves framing the waves. I didn’t get the final look picture because she didn’t have her hair done all the way or it would have taken forever. It was a great look though.

The last look was the Evening Ease. It was of course by the title an evening look and bolder than the others. I actually really enjoyed the hair tutorial of this one and find it so pretty. I’m hoping I can recreate it on myself because look how good it is. Also the makeup was pretty cool too but the hair was m favorite from this look.

With the invite email they said to bring your own tools so I pre-washed my makeup brushes and rounded up my hair ties and pins and stuff like that to stuff into my makeup bag. I didn’t bring any of my own makeup because it said you didn’t have to so I didn’t. I guess if I was to do this event again I would bring some of my own. So my tip is bring a few of your makeup essentials just in case. When I got there at the tale there was a basket of a few hair accessories and the L’oreal Extraordinary Oil for the hair and later I will be raving about this. Also next to the basket was a straightening iron plugged in and a mirror was provided to actually see ourselves do the makeup look. The most exciting part was makeup was kindly provided by L’oreal. There was 5 traincases full of makeup and the five rows of tables got one each to all share and get our hands on to use for the event and after the tutorial. I am in love with all their lipsticks and I wanted so bad to just swatch and take them all home with me. I now need to buy me some. 

Here was the makeup I used for my look. The foundation I used was the L’oreal True Match Foundation in Golden Beige, the powder was the True Match Powder in Classic Ivory and the lipstick is the Color Riche in Crayon Sunset. Sadly while I was taking these picture someone else had to use the mascara I
used which by the way was amazing and did so well for my lashes. I don’t
remember the name unfortunately but I do know what it looks like so I
may pass by a counter and might pick it up. I liked the look I created even with the limited products so at least I got a feel of them and pushed myself to create this. So I hope you take inspiration and recreate a look like this with the products you do own. I may try it at home with everything I do have.

After the makeup and hairstyle demonstration, it was time for the me to try the look I picked when I registered. Now here is the look I created. The one on the left is my before with no makeup at all. I came to the event bare faced and my hair tucked into a bun because the email invite said to and I didn’t want to waste my time and remove my makeup just to apply it again. Since I went with the Age of Innocence look like I said above the makeup was pretty simple. I went with a dewy base and the foundation I used I thought would not be my color but I actually picked the perfect one but in some lights it is a little yellow but maybe because it is called golden. I blended it in with my own makeup brushes I brought and a makeup sponge which was provided to really buff it in then I finished it off with a powder to set it and then after the base I used a few coats of mascara. Last step I did was a nude lip and you know me I go for pink and seeing all the pink lipsticks above I was so tempted to choose one but I decided against it and tried a nude to actually match the look I learned. It was a nice color and now I really am tempted to buy this shade because it is quite nice and love the orangey tone it has to it. That’s it for the look but if I had more time and more makeup to choose from and we didn’t have to share than I would have added some blush for color, a bit of high light and some bronzer. I forgot to mention we submitted the look on Instagram and the makeup artist conducting the event picked a winner to win a L’oreal gift bag. I liked the look I created and may have to stop by to actually buy the products I used.

For my hair before I left the house I curled it and popped it up in a ballet bun. I did wash my hair the night before so it was easier to style with. I choose the look that had hair that was paired with light waves but I didn’t know that so it worked out perfectly. I let it down once I was fully done with my makeup and lucky enough since I have natural curly hair and it keeps my curls when I let it out of the bun it created the perfect waves matching the look. I guess I found a beauty hack on my hair and will have to be doing that now. I didn’t use the straightener that we could have used. I did however used the oil they provided and I tell you it is amazing and all of us was obsessed over this. So that was my hair look to finish everything off with the whole look together.

When the whole event was over I went over to get a picture with Mr. Aiky for another competition that BDJ is holding. He was super friendly and we managed to get this photo.

Then right after I saw that the bloggers were up front and not busy so I mage to get a photo with Kristine. She was so nice too.

Last thing I did was get my picture done from the BDJ photo booth and so here is my shot with my finished makeup and hair.

Thanks to L’oreal for the products! Also thanks to BDJ for putting on the event. I had a great time at the event and it was such a fun one to kick things off for the year. They prepared loot bags for the attendees of the soiree so watch out for a loot bag haul next to see all the goodies I got inside!

What new look would you like to try this year?

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    January 19, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    Looks like a fun event to attend!With Love,Bri

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    January 24, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    Seems like a really varied fun event !

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    January 25, 2016 / 9:20 am

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