2015 Outfit Rewind

A look back on all my 2015 outfits

Happy 2016! I am back with a little round up of all the outfits I wore in 2015. You can also view last year’s here to see even more. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to look back at all my outfits which I have conveniently labeled to view all my outfits in one place you can find it here. I decided back in 2014 to slowly add my outfits into my blog. I kind of made it a goal and accomplished it. Well like last year I stuck with it and as my blog’s true name it became more or less more of a fashion blog. I slowly made the transition and was quite happy to be showing my outfits because I have a lot of fun shooting them and writing them. I got a new camera and slowly you can see each picture improve and I have to say so have my outfits. I like with each collage you can see my style transform and grow with me. A lot of these outfits were from my fashion school days and some were just my outfits when I went out and about. Each outfit has a story and I’m hoping in 2016 I am motivated to do more of them and I hope you like seeing them.

| Preppy Waldorf Style | Olive Alley Way | Love Hearts | Girly Pink Cupcake | Artsy Darling |

I made it my goal of 2015 to wear more skirts and dresses. Looking back at all the outfits I can say I accomplished that. I didn’t take many outfits in the beginning of the year but I did manage to get these and I loved each style of them. The first is what I wore to a family friends’ baptism, second was a casual outfit going to a fashion class, third was what I wore on Valentines Day, the fourth was my absolutely favorite shoot of 2015 and a pretty outfit in a cupcake bakery so what more can you ask for and the last outfit was an artsy outfit I wore to an art fair with my fashion classmates. 

| Hot Pink & That Tight Little Skirt | Aviation Pilot | Polka Dot Picnic | Parisian Beach | Carnival Fun |

At the beginning of the year I took a 2 week trip traveling the northern part with my dad and cousin’s family. We did things every day and at the start I decided to make a travel look book of my outfit all throughout the trip. If only I had a started my Youtube channel back then than this will be my first look book I filmed and travel vlog. I enjoyed taking each outfit in each location and since I was away from home I had to make what I had packed in my suitcase which was a fun styling challenge on my part and perfect practice for fashion styling. The first outfit was what I wore to a small wedding of my cousin’s cousin, the next was a casual day touring the airbase, the third was what I wore at a  picnic, the fourth is a spontaneous road trip down to the beach in casual wear and the last one is what I wore to the night carnival.

| Beach Babe | Sun City | Pool Party Mermaid |

I think 2015 was the year I became more confident with a few swimsuit sort of outfits. I don’t have the perfect supermodel body but I am happy with myself. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to post the first one as I was unsure about showing this side of me. I got a great response and after looking at them it turned out they weren’t that bad so I did it again. So the first outfit was also from the two week trip above which we spent the whole day at the beach taking pictures and doing all kinds of fun relaxing things, the second was from my part two birthday celebration and I ended up going to a pool resort and I love my neon color swimsuit cover up. The last outfit was a towel dress that actually covered my turquoise polka dot swimsuit that I wore over the summer when I visited my cousin and we went to another pool resort. I hope in 2016 I will be more confident and try more of these outfits.

| Springtime Brunch | Floral Marsala | Spring Shower | Easter Dress 2015 | Summer Lovin’ |

We have the spring outfits and when it comes to this seasons I like it to be bold and bright and I love my colors. I think spring and summer are my favorite season to dress for and it shows since I have so many sets of outfits from them. Since the weather is pretty much the same I have an excuse to wear outfits like this year round. The first is what I wore to brunch with my parents for my dad’s birthday and I got to wear this pretty floral skirt and blush pink top, second I wore marsala leggings with an open back floral top which was perfect for a hot day and a great running errands outfit, next I have one of my favorite spring outfits which was a hot pink skirt, a floral top plus the location was perfect for it. The fourth one is my Easter dress that was hot pink this year which I took on my parent’s balcony and lastly was a put together casual look that I wore just to go out to the mall with because a pair of jeans with a tee is a great casual outfit in my opinion.

| Whimsical Stylist | City Chic | Enchanting Hedges | Heart Attack |

The next spring set is again very colorful. The first outfit was styled because I had to think of an outfit that expressed my aesthetic. I knew I was whimsical so that is why I named it that and also I love florals and prints so this skirt incorporated both my loves. The next outfit was my city chic inspired outfit and a more dressed up and business formal vibe without being to dressy, I think you can see I had a fun time styling those floral print leggings since it was perfect as a dressed up look or just a casual wear. The third outfit was just a running errands and going to the mall look but you can kind of tell that with the two outfits and lastly was a very colored outfit and it was what I wore when I met Heart who had a meetup here and I was invited to it.

| Monochrome Classic | Bay Side Stroll | Floral Queen | Summer Roadtrippin’ | Abstract Summer Dress |

Now we move on to summer outfits. For me the seasons just blend together and the only difference I feel like with the climate I live in is that summer is just more humid and you need to keep in mind the stickiness when you are picking out an outfit. The first has to be one of my outfits for the whole year because of how simple it is and just how good black and white is and you can see I don’t wear monochrome often and I think I have to more often. The second outfit was one I like because of the colors together , the third one was a casual outfit out and I brought back the floral leggings with a lace top and I love the city vibe behind it. The next outfit was for a long car ride and just taken it while we were getting snacks, the last one was my summer dress and it wasn’t a color I usually go for and it had this unique print in it. I took it by the bay just like the second outfit was because it was the perfect back drop and the palm trees somehow looked great with the print of the dress.

| Regal Blush | Over The Bridge | Pop of Pink | Sweater Weather |

Then we have some autumn and kind of winter outfits. Unfortunately we don’t experience very cold weather to be bundled up and wearing sweaters and scarfs around our necks too often but I tried to make it work and embraced the trends when cold weather did come. I do think the only thing I could take is the color palette of fall and autumn clothes because of how rare it changes in temperature but when the storm season comes in like it did it made it great to get these out. The first was my first attempt at wearing a sweater in this climate and it was a simple outfit with a black skater skirt I wore to a beauty event. The second is what I consider my fall color palette with the coral and maroon and it was shot at a gorgeous park full of great backdrops, the next is another jeans and tee outfit I wore doing some errands and I had to include my all time favorite color. The last is a winter outfit because when I went to the mountains it was very cold and the best day so I went with something I knew I would keep me warm. I also told you that this park was perfect for outfit pictures because it is the same one in the second outfit but a different spot.

| Curvy Halloween Look Book | Curvy Christmas Look Book |

| Festive Spirit | Santa Baby | Reindeer Cat |

Lastly I accomplished my goal and I did two look books this year. The first was of my Halloween costumes which I had 3 dance classes and came up with the idea to wear a different one each time. I was a sexy cat, black swan for my ballet class and a 50s poodle girl in my last tap class. I had this great idea to film them and it turned out so cool and I was really proud of it. The next was the Christmas look book full of my holiday and festive outfits throughout December. It was so fun to edit together and I will definitely continue. The first is a dressed up Christmas party look, the second is a casual red and green colored outfit, the third is what I wore to see Santa and I always wore red and dressed up so I continued until now and last was my Christmas jumper and what I wore on Christmas day itself with matching reindeer headband.

That was all my outfits for 2015 and hope I beat this number next year. Thank you for your endless support and it really has made my year that you enjoy seeing these. Hopefully in the new year it will bring even more fashion posts and I can show you more outfits and more places. Bring on 2016!

What was your favorite outfit you wore in 2015?

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  1. Prarthana Gogoi
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    Amazing!With Love,Anna || Curly Scribbles

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      Thank you!xo Jackie

    • Jackie
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      Thanks glad you did!xo Jackie

  2. Anoushka P
    January 11, 2016 / 12:18 pm

    Great post, love a good outfit recap! You have so many pretty skirts, and I love the halloween lookbook such good ideas!Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

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