Winter Accessory Must Haves

Winter Accessory Must Haves

Happy Blogmas Day 17! Today’s blogmas post is going to be of my love for winter accessories because it has grown quite cold here in Manila at the moment because of the storm and it feels so good to be bundle up a little and get all those layers out of my wardrobe. So I figured I would show you some of my must haves for the chilly weather and a few picks for winter accessories.

First off is some head accessories. I never liked them growing up but now I think I am in a mood where I think they look nice. I think beanies are not really essential here to keep warm but to only look cute. I do love the one with the bauble on top and it is fluffy and shakes around. I seen so many of them around and think it is a great thing to own for both style and to keep warm. After that to continue with head wear is those furry head wraps or scarf that are like headbands. I really like them more than hats I feel like and they just look good and like headband more than a full hat on your head. Of course some scarfs and I used to love a good scarf when I lived in the US and they could just make an outfit. I guess sometimes now I could wear them here but it depends. I do love the cream colored ones and that are chunky and could just pile on. Any neutral colored ones are my favorite and I had quite a few and think I need to pick up some now after leaving all mine when I moved. Something that I used to love but can’t really wear but they were a must for me in the winter and that is mittens. I do miss wearing mittens and I actually never had the one that you could open up but the finger ones. I had to include one pair even though it isn’t much of an essential now but before this was a lifesaver as my hands always got cold. My favorite winter essentials have to be sweaters and cardigans. They could be worn now and I have been quite obsessed with sweaters and also my cardigans have come out of hiding. I spotted these two at H&M the other day and think I might go back and buy them for myself as a Christmas present. I do love cardigans and have styled them so many different ways in outfit pictures. I just got into sweaters but as a child it was all I wore pretty much so I’m kind of getting back into that. Lastly on my must have list would be socks, tights and leg warmers because I get the most cold with my legs and feet. I can handle up top but when it is my feet I like them nice and toasty. Any type of fluffy socks or knee high socks seem great but I like to add leg warmers on top maybe it is because of my ballet days or I just love leg warmers with boots. I just love anything that keeps you warm and is quite stylish too.

That was my must have winter accessories and I hope you liked my take on it. Let me know what yours are and if there is anything you would add. I had to take in my weather and it doesn’t get that cold so these right now are perfect for me. There are more winter accessories at and find some more choices to browse. Also a sneak peek into tomorrow’s blog post involves me in a very cozy wintery outfit post. I hope you look forward to that and see you in tomorrow’s blogmas post. Only 8 days!

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What are you must haves for winter accessories?

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  1. Jasmine Riel
    December 18, 2015 / 4:35 am

    Yes!! These are all so stinkin' cute!! I'm especially obsessed with those hats and that sweater!Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

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