Sweater Weather | What I Wore

Sweater Weather – What I Wore

Happy Blogmas Day 18! Another outfit post for blogmas today. This one however seems more seasonal appropriate because it is sweater weather! I could finally wear some layers so I celebrated by doing this. So here is today’s blogmas and my favorite outfit I thin I have taken this month.

For the outfit I have a tank top from Forever 21 underneath that is the same color as the sweater which is actually blush pink but it doesn’t photograph well as it is quite sheer hence the tank top I have to wear with it. I went the comfy route and when I think of a semi-cold day than I think sweater and leggings so that’s what I went with. I just threw on some Uniqlo leggings which are nice and thick but not too thick that they are very hot and uncomfortable to wear daily. If I was in a very cold climate than I know I wouldn’t be wearing ballet flats but boots but in this case all I did was use my grey bow flats that have been making a comeback into my wardrobe quite a lot recently. My bag is just my everyday bag that I have been using since I need a lot more room for going out and then Christmas shopping so it’s perfect for that use. Lastly I topped it off with a chunky statement necklace to give it more of a pop and it works perfectly with the colors of the sweater and shoes. Then a polka dot bow that is matching the sweater to wrap things up. There you have it a very weather appropriate outfit.

| sweater: Forever 21, leggings: Uniqlo, bag: Forever 21, necklace: Forever 21,  shoes: American Eagle {similar}, |

Finally the cold! I can finally have a day involving wearing a sweater
and not regretting it the first thing I go out. If you know about Manila
than you know that the city is hot and though I don’t live directly in
the city but the countryside it can be really humid and wearing any kind
of layers with the sun out can be torture. However when we went up to
the mountains which is higher in altitude it was really windy and
actually cold which the sweater came in handy. We went up in the early
evening but the temperature dropped by than so it was perfect to be
bundle up and actually feel like Christmas since the cold. I joined my parents as they went up to fill some paperwork on our property up there. They both thought I was crazy for bringing a sweater with me (I was wearing the tank top underneath most of the day) but when we got out of the car after the long journey it was rightfully so. I vlogged a bit and I don’t know if you could hear me as it was indy and I was actually quite cold but I loved every second of it. It is so rare for me to get cold so I took advantage and had to write about my day up in the mountains because it is a rare chance I get one other wise. So that was today’s blogmas post and one of my favorite outfits I think at the moment. Hope you liked my speech about cold weather and see you in tomorrow’s blogmas! Only 7 days!

What is your favorite thing to wear in the cold?

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