Pop of Pink | What I Wore

Pop of Pink – What I Wore

Happy Blogmas Day 15! It is already the 15th meaning only ten days now! Today’s blogmas is another outfit post and though I have been slacking with shooting my outfits the last few months I think this month I have been doing so good. I think you can probably guess what my favorite color is. Just by the looks of it you can tell it is hot pink. If you see anything I own in real life than it is an obsession. I found this pink wall on accident and thought how good it looked with my outfit. I was so attracted to it and had to take them in front with all my hot pink outfit.

For what I am wearing in this outfit I went with something simple which is what I wore to do some errands. My top has this lace detailing and a mini peter pan collar. I then just threw on some skinny jeans and it is my go to bottom for just going out doing something that you don’t have to think about. Since it was so simple I just went with very minimal everything. To match my top I just pulled out my hot pink Juicy Couture bag that can hold a lot and just be a great bag to carry a lot of my things in when I need a fairly big bag. The shoes I went with are simple black flats to match my bag to throw some black in there.  pop of pink in my bracelet again and than some sunglasses because it was very bright that day. That’s pretty much it for a simple outfit and I don’t really show my causal outfits like this but I couldn’t resist this time an of course the wall convinced me too.

| top: Sasha, jeans: Forever 21, bag: Juicy Couture, bracelet: Kamiseta, sunglasses: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side, lipstick: Maybelline PK02 |

If you didn’t know my parents own a pineapple plantation up in Tagaytay which is a gorgeous tourist spot here in the Philippines. We take a weekend trip up there sometimes and have a picnic and do fun stuff up there. I have a few posts about it before but I might put up a vlog of a few trips I took up there. The last outfit post which you can see here was not at our place but a local tourist park was taken. So we decided to go back up for a second time except it was business and I wasn’t sure I was going to take outfit pictures but I squeezed it in so it is a laid back and casual outfit. I am always going up there and it is a great place for outfit pictures and since we have been going up there a lot more lately especially this time of year so I know I have more up there. That’s it for today’s blogmas post and can you believe it is 10 days until Christmas and only 10 blogmas posts left? I can’t believe it but see you again tomorrow. Only 10 days!

What color do you wear most of?

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