Over The Bridge | What I Wore

Over The Bridge – What I Wore

Happy Blogmas Day 3! Today’s post is one of the first outfit posts of Blogmas. This is when I went up to the mountains which is about an hour away from our house. It was the perfect opportunity to take outfit pictures because I knew the location by heart now and I always take pictures at this place but I don’t know if I have uploaded a lot of them but as you can see it is so pretty. I just love this place since it has this amazing bridge and then there is so many trees that create a forest and there are just so many locations to do shoots I feel like.

My outfit is kind of combined seasons. I did a coral and burgundy color palette and I took inspiration for some bloggers I follow as I knew I owned the colors and maybe see if it would work on me. The top I wore was my swingy and flowy baby doll style and I just love twirling in. Then for the rest I wore my blush pink sunglasses, a coral bow that matches exactly with my top so see if you can spot it. For my bag I choose polka dot to add some print to the outfit and it was Hello Kitty. I like that it is so subtle and you wouldn’t tell it was like a childish bag and maybe that’s why I bought it and plus it is the perfect size. Lastly my necklace is a hot air balloon. It is so cute and thought it matched great with all the colors. I thought I wouldn’t use it much but it is actually amazing with a lot of stuff I have. For shoes just my grey flats I have literal been wearing everywhere and are in fact in a lot of detail and from here I stands on my Instagram.

| top: Moda Style, leggings: Forever 21, bag: Sanrio, necklace: Dresslink*, sunglasses: H&M,
bow: Forever 21, shoes: American Eagle {similar} |

It was a lovely day out with the parents. We even took our dog Angel who hasn’t been in outfit pictures in ages. The only thing about the trip was I knew my hip was still injured and I can’t stand up so straight due to pain but I thought it shouldn’t damper my mood and have a day out in the fresh mountain air. The top did cover it mostly and you cannot tell I am limping or standing at an angle I hope in these shots. I did make it work with getting to sit down a lot. I really love that sitting down picture for once and loved how it turned out. I took these when I was not at all where I am currently at now which now I can pretty much stand better than what I was at here. I really am surprised I did a good job walking around, had a nice breezy afternoon and got amazing pictures.

That was my blogmas post of the day. I’m really proud with the photography of this and I forgot to say I got my camera back which is half fixed so I can continue to shoot. I did some vlogging and filmed this outfit so I’ll see when I can get that edited. I hope you liked this and liked all the pretty scenery and colors in the pictures. Only 22 days!

What color palette have you tried because of a fashion blogger?

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  1. Heather Nixon
    December 3, 2015 / 2:15 pm

    I love your outfit – so cute and summery xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Laura.
    December 5, 2015 / 3:51 pm

    Cute and comfy outfit, I love it :)Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

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