November Favorites 2015 | Beauty & Lifestyle

November Favorites 2015 – Beauty & Lifestyle

Happy Blogmas Day 2! I bring you for today’s Blogmas post a November Favorites. I didn’t do one last month because I have a lot of reasons and don’t want to list them so I have a pretty good amount this month. I feel like there are a lot of lifestyle favorites this month because I’ve been liking so many things. So to make up for not having my favorites last month and I didn’t have a video filmed but it didn’t stop me from doing them this month. Now let’s just get right on into all my favorites.


Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel

The first product that I’ve been loving for the past two months is this face wash. After getting this in this post than I wanted to try it out. I use it everyday and I’m going to be doing a review but tell you it is nice. It leaves my face soft and smooth and I guess I noticed it did give me a white glow as they claim. It might have been my camera or the mirror or even the lighting I have in my house but there is something. I have great skin anyways so I thought it wouldn’t do much for me already but it cleans my skin and just leaves it glowy. I guess if I didn’t have great skin it would be more of a difference and see results but I use it to wash my face everyday.

Olay Deep Moisture Shower Gel

I have a thing with shower gels and this one was the one I got in my Beauty Social loot bag and I decided to try it out finally. It’s great and love the scent of it but I can’t really tell you what it smells like as I’m terrible with describing them. It leaves soft and clean and I like it. It says it is supposed to be moisturizing an I agree with it. The dry patches on my knees and elbows really disappeared and leaves them soft.

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

This is the most affordable eyeliner I have! It was such a bargain and it is surprisingly so good. The intention to me buying this was for my Halloween looks and I didn’t have much cash on me the day I went out and forgot my card in my wallet at home so I couldn’t go out and splurged on one. I guess it was a good thing because I found a great one that does the trick. It was perfect for the Halloween looks I did in this post and then I used it for an everyday wing look. It’s great for the price and if I need a budget eyeliner again I could reach for this.

Orly Epix Color Nail Polish in Hollywood Ending

For nail color I choose this. I have a review coming up pretty soon (hint: Monday) and it has been a color on my nails all of October and November and one of the reasons may be it lasts for quite a while and I don’t need to reapply so often. It’s a gorgeous color and I have gotten quite used to it and like the subtle pink tint it has to it. I think it is perfect for this time and an all year round color as well.

BYS Blush Duo in Miss Pink

Another makeup product is a blush. I thought I wasn’t going to like it since it was a bold color but it was not as bad as I thought. It was really subtle and pigmented and I made the mistake to add so much but I slowly learned and it gives such a pretty color. I could use them together and both swirled with each other or both alone. That’s all I can say about it for now as I want to do a review about it so that’s all I leave it at.


The Royals // TV Show

My TV obsession of the month is The Royals. I binge watched the first season again and all of a sudden I saw the new season was out so of course I had to watch that. It is such a cool show and I am so interested in the British monarchy though I know it isn’t the same as the real one it still is fun thing to watch. I love seeing all the buildings and seeing everything. There are so many good looking guys in it and the fashion is so awesome. I think my favorite character is Lena and I love everything about her. The most awesome character I like in a show so far in a while. So just loving that and the story of it so far and where it will lead this season. I want to watch more real British shows so if you have any shows to recommend and I can see if I could watch them.

Little Mix – Get Weird Album // Music

This is amazing! If you asked me last months favorites I would have put a song but this month the whole album needed to be recognize. I usually don’t listen to a whole album and will only like a few songs from it. It is rare I like the whole album and won’t skip any songs. This album is it. I can count on my hands the albums I can do that with and this is going on to the list. To be honest I was never a fan before. I heard of them maybe once or twice and yes I was that girl who only knew one member because she was dating someone from One Direction who I didn’t know the name of as well. Then I heard Black Magic and it started. You may remember I featured this in a month faves post recently too and did a quick bit of singing too. I don’t know if I have any favorites but in no particular order I do love the Secret Love Songs (both), OMG, I Love You and A.D.I.D.A.S. I do love the whole album though but these really more I guess.

One Direction – Made in the AM // Music

Another one as you can see. Like Little Mix I was never a fan beforehand. I knew about them of course loved all the singles that were popular and always playing on the radio but ever a hard core fan until recently. This is the first I have listened to one of their album because it was getting so much hype and I thought give it a try. I listened to the whole thing on a 4 hour road trip and fell in love. The songs matched perfectly as the rain poured and we were driving in the countryside. I tell you it was a full on music video in that car of mine. Now I got caught up and know their names. I never thought I would like One Direction but now I think I do. It’s really unfortunate as they are taking a break and I didn’t fully enjoy them but they have so many other songs I can listen to. I started watching music videos and interviews on Youtube so that has kept me busy as well. Again some favorites of mine from the album in no particular order are Perfect, End of the Day, Love You Goodbye, Temporary Fix and Wolves. I’m really surprised I added that but can’t deny how much I’ve liked the music.

Well that turned out quite British. I was not planning that but it turned out that way. After writing this whole thing I didn’t quit notice it until I begin writing it out. It is lovely seeing and learning new things about another culture and I guess right now it is British. I know I have a lot of readers from there so if you are leave a lovely comment and letting me know what it is like there. I’d love to visit one day and see all the lovely things you have there. That was all my favorites then. It was quite a lot this month due to it not having one last month. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know some music suggestions that I might be a fan of. I love trying new things so any artist or even show I can get my hands on will be lovely. This is it for the November Favorites and all that I had to say. Only 23 days!

What popular artist have you overlooked but ended up loving?

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