My Holiday Christmas Decor

My Holiday Christmas Decor

Happy Blogmas Day 21! For today’s blog post I thought it would be fun to show you a glimpse of my Christmas decor around my place.Since there was 5 days of Christmas left including today I thought I would dedicate this week to everything Christmas related I hope. I really want to get in to the spirit and this is will just get me more festive than I already am. So here are my decorations around my place for today’s blogmas!

To start off with I have a mini Christmas tree on my desk and it was my first tree I bought when I moved to the country. It is so cute and has it’s own lights and ornaments on it like a bell, pine cone and glitter baubles on it. At the time I liked anything silver so I picked this instead of gold but right now I am on a gold kick. Even though it has a star that changes color on it I put a big bow but later I move it.

My most favorite Christmas decoration I bought this year is these fairy lights that are these pretty yarn balls. I can’t describe it but it looks like sting wrapped around and so pinterest made. I bought a few sets to hang around my room and my bed and then I bought some more for the tree. I am so happy about these because I can use them year round for my bed which I will be doing. Then at the end of November I saw discounted Christmas items and just thought I would get some decoration shopping over it and bought a few of these felt ornaments in different designs which I thought were so cute and hung them on a string and peg on my cork board. I think it was a nice touch and bought not just that but a few decor items and reindeer headband. I went back to the same store the other day and they were all sold out so it was a good thing I bought it back then. Since we don’t have a fireplace in our house or anywhere to hang the stockings and I still wanted them I hung them on my cork board and it worked out great.

Here is my tree!

Now moving to my living room where I keep my tree. I don’t know if I have a theme. I tried to but then I just bought decorations I liked and went with it. I love the idea of a themed tree but I guess for me it is a kind of hit and miss. I grew up with a mixed up tree that didn’t match so I guess I’m like that until now. I’m a person who loves matching things and needs to have a lot of things to match but for some reason with my Christmas tree I don’t. There were a lot of ornaments on our tree growing up that was collected by my mom over the years. I had so many ballet or ballerina ornaments as I always got one from family or dance friends mom’s as we were all in ballet class. I might keep that as a tradition though as I love having maybe a pointe shoe ornament now to symbolize my love for it. I did have a say in lights and wanted warm ones though even though I always had colored ones. I guess that was the thing I didn’t follow. Maybe next year if I have more money I will go for a perfectly decorated and themed tree but as it is my first one I think I am happy with how it turned out. There is meaning behind it and it makes me happy every time I look at it so that is what counts I hope.

The ornaments I currently have on the tree are glitter bows, candy canes as I had them on my tree when I was little, a few of those felt ornaments from my cork board and then for the baubles I got in gold that matches my iPhone 6 and as I said I was loving gold so I incorporated a little bit of a gold theme and also the baubles came with gold tinsel and beads so my tree is full of tinsel. I did really want a star to put up on it but my cousin made one in art class and helped me stick it up there. Also on the very top is that giant gold bow you saw on my mini tree as a topper this year. I do want to buy some more ornaments after Christmas and get those sale items for next year though and add more to my collection.

That is it for my blogmas today! I hope you liked taking a closer look at my decorations. It isn’t much and it is the first year I am decorating. It as so fun going out and buying my own ornaments and tree and everything else and I felt half grown up but still a kid if that made any sense. There will be more Christmassy blog posts coming your way this week because only a few days left. I still need to finish my shopping and wrapping as yes I am a last minute person and will never grow out of it. See you in tomorrow’s blogmas post. Only 4 days!

What has been your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

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