My 5 Favorite Christmas Films

My 5 Favorite Christmas Films

Happy Blogmas Day 21! For today’s blogmas I’m showing my favorite Christmas films and I’m going to try and make them ones that aren’t to common. I see everyone say ELF and the Grinch but I want to show you ones other than that. There are seriously like so many out there and I thought it would be great especially as it is only a couple days left and you should get in some watching before then. They aren’t my all time favorites but there are some I really like and hope you have a look at them as well. So here are my film picks.

Alvin and the Chipmunks A Chipmunk Christmas | I think I just relate this to Christmas even though it is not very Christmassy. The song Christmas (Don’t Be Late) is my all time favorite Chrsitmas song and will always be my favorite for ever and ever. I mean I’ve had the whole album on repeat since December 1st and love it so much so of course I needed to mention the movie. I did watch an old cartoon version probably from the 80’s last week and it was so cute.

Ernest Saves Christmas | I know I may have mentioned this as my favorite Christmas movie before but it will always be in my lists and have a special place in my festive heart. I think everyone has a movie they remember watching when they were young and this one was mine. I just watched it the other day with my dad and I could remember when and where I remember seeing this movie like it was yesterday. If you haven’t watched it or heard of this movie its just a silly Christmas film and I just love the plot behind it. This will always scream Christmas to me and be one of me and my dad’s faves.

The Ultimate Christmas Present | I don’t know if you remember this but it was a Disney channel original movie and it came on the other night and forgot all about it myself until like the middle. I miss those movies and they had so many and looked forward to watching them every Christmas. I love anything Disney and Christmas related so I knew I would have it on my list. If you don’t remember this was the movie where they found a machine and made it snow in California. I grew up in Southern California and never experienced a white Christmas so I hoped it was real when I was a kid so I could experience it. I have been in snow before but not like an actual snowy winter wonderland Christmas and hope to get a chance at least once in my life. 

Santa Paws | A doggy Christmas movie? Yes! I love dogs and I love Christmas and you put them together so it creates a cute movie. My dad has this on DVD and after my nephew found it at his place I decided to watch it again and I just squeal with delight at it. Any doggy Christmas movie is just my weakness and I can watch them all the time and be in a happy place for so long.

Jingle All the Way | The last movie is a little more common but I literally just watched it and my dad, mom and grandmother get a kick out of it so it makes me happy too. It’s another funny and silly lighthearted Christmas movie and those are my favorite ones.

That was it for another blogmas! I cannot believe there is three days left and Christmas will be on Friday! I still have a few gifts to buy so I am off to the mall an wish me luck I can get home from the last minute shoppers out there too. I hope yu liked seeing what some of Christmas film picks are. I’d love to know some of yours and maybe ones I havent seen I can watch myself. Only 3 days!

What do you think is your favorite Christmas film this year?

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  1. Hannah Heartss
    December 24, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    The Santa Clause is my favourite!! Hannah Heartss x

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