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Happy Blogmas Day 19! Today’s blogmas post is in continuation from last Saturday’s post which was my 2015 Christmas Dress Fashion Finds guide. This one however is for shoes and bags that I thought would go together with the dresses and just another guide to give you an idea of what to use. I went with a pretty matchy theme with the dresses. I do love things to match and it is just my aesthetic and though I do break the fashion rules sometimes by doing the matching matchy thing I don’t really mind. Besides the cobalt blue to match the dresses I choose some neutral and common party colors. This would be perfect for either Chrsitmas or even New Years party to be all glammed up. So here are my choices for party heels and clutches.

The first set is the cobalt blue to match the cobalt colored dresses I picked. I just went with the same color to mat h as I said and be bold to have so many things color coordinated. The shoes are different styles of heels so some are strappy and some are bootie style and then some closed shoes. My favorites from this set is the second, third and fourth but to be honest I love the third the most as I love the style of this shoe and the lace as I had lace shoes similar to this except in a ballet flat before. As for the bags I went with this envelope clutch and I think my favorite would be the second.

The classic black is the second set.Again I went with a lot of strappy heels as it is my favorite style. I just love a classic black shoe and I own so many that it is taking over my collection so it was a no brainer to choose this. I can’t pick a favorite as I love all of this set and they all have unique styles. I do love the last ones though and I may buy something similar as I saw some and tried them on and love them to pieces. I might get my mom to buy them for me for Christmas if I am sneaky enough. The bags I went with a bolder type and I think the embellished one would be my favorite and very party appropriate.

The third set is gold theme and this is very Christmas and New Year looking. I love the metallic finish and I just love this for this time of year. I went with the very glam look and decided it would look so perfect for it. My favorites are the third and the last as they are the most stylish and out there pair. For this set of bags I love the style of the second but love the texture and color to the third.

Lastly for the silver set is what I actually own a lot of silver accessories so it is an obvious choice. I do love the sparkle and it just screams party season to me. I think anything sparkly will always be my go to for this time of year. My favorite would have to be the second pair as it just looks so sparky and who wouldn’t want diamond shoes because I do and it isn’t everyday you can wear shoes like these ones. Of course the bag had to be sparkly and silver too and my favorite is the first and second for the shape of it.

That was it for my fashion finds involving heels and bags for the party season. I really enjoyed doing this in part of last week’s fashion finds. I love putting these together and it is fun mix and matching as it has become a fun feature this time of year for me. So hope you like it and see you in tommorows blogmas for another exciting post. Only 6 days!

What will your party shoe and clutch be?

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