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Christmas Party Dresses 2015 – Fashion Finds

Happy Blogmas Day 12! I thought I would put up my Christmas dress guide up as it would give you guys an idea and you won’t be out there searching for your dress last minute for either a Christmas party or the day itself. I did more of these in the previous years and love doing them so you can see that here and here. I’ve done so many different themes but this year I was on a navy kind of feel. It is a non traditional color and I know I went for some red, black and even gold dresses in the past but this year I wanted to play with navy and threw in some cobalt blue as well because of and it is sort of like a different and more brighter than navy.

So here are the 2015 choices I came up with.

The first set is just simple dresses. If you are looking for something really low key and not into all those sparkles or frills or your work party is far from that than I picked a selection of those to fit that style. The second and last one would have to be my favorite. I really want to try the velvet trend and I think it is so fun for this time of year. The last is simple but has that extra sparkle with some gold glitter but it isn’t too out there and just gives you a little sparkle which I like the subtle shine it will give.

The second set is dresses that are more structured. I went for more body hugging fit dresses because I wanted to try that style and not just my normal fit and flare that I tend to always go for. My favorites from this set have to be the first and second ones. he first being so fun and have a 1920’s vibe and I am quite into after embracing the style in fashion school. It has the right amount of frill and I think it would look so fun at a Christmas party. For the second one I do love that it is simple on the bottom and have lace up top and just the shape seems really flattering too.It’s just one of them that drapes over you and also can leave you enough room after Christmas dinner as it is that flowy shape.

The third set might have to be my favorite set out of the bunch. It is for a really real Chrsitmas party in the winter because of the long sleeves. Something about these dresses scream holiday party to me and this is what my initial inspiration came from when I thought about my Chrsitmas dress post this year. I would say my all time favorites would be the first and second one again. The first one has something so fun and traditional about it and I love the detailing and gold thread going through it. If I could pick my holiday dress this year it would be the second one. It is just so pretty and if I could find one just like it in my size than I would totally pick it up and have it for the season. I think I like it because it just reminds me of a holiday dress I had when I was little so I’m getting that vibe that I would like to wear it again in my size now. I just love it and maybe I could find one like it. I just can’t help but not stare at it and all the small details all over it has me swooning.

The last set is the cobalt or royal blue set. I wanted to include a more brighter color so I went for this as it has been quite a favorite of mine to look at this year and since my cousin wants this as her wedding color I have been starting to like it more and more and soon it has taken over even my Christmas dress post. My favorites in the last set would have to be the first and last one. The first being perfect for the cold and I love the shape because of the skirt of it I guess. I think I love the last because of the sheer sleeves and the whole shape of it. It is another type of dress that I can imagine for a Christmas party so that’s why I love it so much.

These were my picks this year. I have loved doing these through the years and it is another blogmas tradition of mine that I plan to continue. I seriously can’t believe that I have done them and when I started I thought it was just a fun little thing and never thought it would be still doing them now. I can see during this time they become so popular and my number one post for the month and I just think that is so cool. So thanks for liking them as they are so fun for me to make and clearly a lot of people like them as well. I didn’t plan on getting sappy but thought I would share and find it so interesting. Let me know what your Christmas dress plans are this year and if you have a color you wear every year or change it up. I don’t have any idea at the moment but I am planning on maybe picking up a new one I think. I hope you enjoyed and see you with another blogmas post tomorrow. Only 13 days!

What will be your Chrsitmas dress theme this year?

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  1. Minau
    December 14, 2015 / 5:18 pm

    Gorgeous dresses!! My faves are: second from the second set, second and fourth from the third set!

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