Christmas Wish List 2015

Christmas Wish List 2015

Dear Santa,

Well it’s been a year. I can’t believe it has been a year and look at all that’s happened. It’s me Jackie again. As you know every year now I’ve started this tradition of writing my Christmas wish lists to you Santa. I think my year has gone pretty good and to sum it up it wasn’t to shabby. To be honest I think I’ve done pretty good and have been good this year. This year has been quite eventful and I think the biggest milestone would be finishing fashion school and taking my blog to the next level in the past year. So here is my wish list for this year of what I’d like. The big thing I really want for Christmas is photography equipment. As I bought myself a new camera this year, a new iPhone 6 which I wanted for Christmas last year and an iPad I think I am good with big gadgets at the moment (until I find something else I want) now I just want accessories to the camera like some lighting like these and then a Nikon 50mm Lens for my DSLR. Speaking of cameras though I’d really like an Instax Mini 8 Camera to capture some moments and hand them on my walls of all kinds of memories I will make in 2016. Next up is some small tech bits like some Frends Headphones and since I have been editing videos quite a lot and don’t have proper headphones and would love some to use and I know they would be great to own a good pair that i don’t have to go out and buy cheap headphones a lot. The second would be a Power Bank that can save me from those times when I desperately need a charge. I’d love it since I am always using my iPhone and iPad at events or I am out so this would be very useful and perfect for my blogging on the go. For the beauty bits this year I’d love some Muji Drawers storage for my vanity and since I’ve been collecting quite a lot of makeup items lately I’d love somewhere nice to put it and display it. To start with I always love the Benefit limited edition Christmas sets so the Benefit You B.right to Party Skincare Set and also the Benefit Real Cheeky Party Blush Palette would be great as a gift. Last beauty bit is some lippies from Happy Skin as I’ve been obsessed with the brand lately and their lipstick are phenomenal so I wanted to add their holiday edition to my life so the Happy Skin Lippie Holiday Set would fit nicely in my collection. The last thing on my list ans since I asked for a Forever 21 gift card last year but the store I have been loving lately is another store so this year I would love a H&M Gift Card so I can buy some clothes and maybe a few homeware bits.

That is all for my wish list for 2015 Santa! I’d love to get any of these one of these or
all of them debating on how generous you want to be but still will be grateful for anything I
receive. This is it for this years Christmas wish list and until next year Santa!

With Love,

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